Down the River Up the Mountain - tips for adventuring with your dog

Oct 13, 2018 |
We spend a lot of time outside with your dogs - it's the whole reason we started Rex Specs. After getting myself in ...
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When it Comes to the Hunt - Rex Specs has You Covered

Oct 5, 2018 |
This article has been updated since it's original publish date of 12/16/2016. When we first started developing Rex ...
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Molly Rose’s Hunting Career was Almost Over as Soon as it Began

Sep 21, 2018 |
Molly Rose is a bird hunting dog, a two-year-old English Cocker Spaniel. Her family—human mom Kris Schaible, her husb...
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Fog Busting - How to Keep your Rex Specs From Fogging

Sep 14, 2018 |
Whether the temperatures are dropping, or you spend lots of time in hot, humid environments - Rex Specs lenses can s...
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Why You Need to Think About Sun Protection for Your Dogs

Sep 12, 2018 |
This article was originally posted on Long Haul Trekkers. I never thought much about sun protection for dogs until w...
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How Rex Specs Helped @Graywoof, Grayson the Husky

Aug 23, 2018 |
Grayson (@graywoof) “Did you know that huskies are predisposed to a variety of eye problems? Other light eyed dogs ...
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From Rescue to Running: Truman, the Ultramarathon Doxin

Aug 21, 2018 |
If you haven’t heard of the world-famous ultra running weiner dog, you’re about to be blown away, so take a seat. Twe...
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Rex Specs Featured on NPR’s “How I Built This”

Aug 13, 2018 |
In June of last year Rex Specs co-founders, Aiden and Jesse Emilo, were featured on the postscript of NPR’s How I Bu...
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K-9 Flash Wins Law Enforcement Dog of the Year and is Finalist for 2018 American Hero Dog Award

Aug 3, 2018 |
We are excited to announce that K-9 Flash has been named the 2018 Law Enforcement Dog of the Year and is a finalist for the 2018 American Hero Dog Award in the national competition hosted by American Humane. A special thanks to all of you who voted and help her achieve such a title.
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K9's 4 Conservation: Dogs Work to Save Sea Turtles

Jul 20, 2018 |
Christian missed the sense of mission and purpose from his time spent in the military and saw a need for dogs in wildlife conservation. He founded K9s 4 Conservation, a non profit that employs dogs to find and protect sea turtle nests.
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K9 Axel - A Retired Working Dog That Needs our Help

Jun 21, 2018 |
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes -- and species. Nine-year-old K-9 Axel is a German Shepard with a resume that re...
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Flash, A True Hero

Apr 2, 2018 |
Just hours away from her death, Flash received an opportunity to fulfill a purpose she was destined for: to be a K-9 ...
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Rex Specs

measure your dog in two steps

  1. muzzle circumference

    Measure the circumference of your dog's muzzle where you expect the goggle to land on their nose - usually around the back of their mouth.

  2. head circumference

    Measure the head circumference where you expect the goggle to land on the forehead - typically an inch or so behind the eyes.

Watch Sizing Video
Goggle Size Head Circumference Muzzle Circumference
X-Small Less than 10.5 in Less than 6 in SHOP X-Small
Small 10.5 in - 12 in 6 in - 8 in SHOP Small
Medium 12 in - 14 in 8 in - 9in SHOP Medium
Large 14 in - 17.5 in 9 in - 11.5 in SHOP Large
X-Large Greater than 17.5 in Greater than 11.5 in SHOP X-Large
Small Wide* 12 in - 15 in 6 in - 9 in SHOP Small Wide

*Designed for dogs with a wide, flat face i.e. Boston Terriers
If your dog is between sizes, select the larger size: This will insure the most functional fit and optimal view of field.


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