All Adventures Are Better With A Dog By Your Side.

October 20, 2022 Written by: Aiden Doane

Tinkering. That’s what created this company. We love to tinker, question why things work like they do, and come up with a better way. We’re perhaps overly annoyed by products that compromise functionality for the sake of appearance and irritated by over built concepts. We admire simplicity and prioritize function above all else.

In the early days, product design efforts included a little too much beer and a mess of webbing and plastic scraps all over the floor. Since then, we’ve had to be a little more “professional” about our efforts but still it’s the design challenge that we love best. 

Aside from goggles and ear protection for dogs, we’ve always got a slew of ideas in the works - prototyped products that we’re trying out on our kids, dogs, friends, and ourselves! But, one of our dog-life innovations we’ve worked up over the past years is finally ready to share with the world. The truth is it’s been much harder than we expected to bring this product to life. The changes to the world over the past couple years threw numerous hurdles in our path. It's a modern manufacturer's version of the odyssey - we wanted to give up many times! But, finally it’s here and we’re excited to see what the world thinks.

The concept we’ve been molding over the past few years is born out of the Rex Specs belief that life is better together - all adventures, whatever they might be, are better with a dog by your side. We practice in life by challenging ourselves to create products that enhance the experience with one’s dog. We strive to create products that make the life of the dog and person better in some way - protecting the dog, making life a little easier, and not accepting what “is” as the way “things should be.” 

When Covid hit in 2020, we had a toddler cruising on a strider, an infant in a stroller, two beloved old dogs dawdling and sniffing along, and a growing busy business - like everyone else, we had our hands full! Needless to say, we didn’t have an “extra” hand to be leashing or leading our dogs on our full-family adventures. The goal was to create a leash and collar that would make a tough time a little easier, for everyone! The goals were: keep it simple and make it quality. 

One handed Clipping: Parallel orientation of the leash attachment point enables easy one-handed leash clipping and releasing. 

Easy Access: Counterbalanced design keeps the leash attachment point at the top of the dog's neck for easy access.

Ultimate Security: Continuous and integrated design of the leash attachment provides fail-safe security.

Versatile: Adjustable length and loop system leave endless possibilities for use - loop over your shoulder for hands-free leash walks, adjust loop size for varying handle size and leash length, or secure fully around your torso for off-leash adventure. Dual Snap Hook easily accommodates 2 dogs and maximum versatility. The dual clips also allow for safe and secure tethering. 

Quality and Ease: High quality stainless steel, oversized, swivel snap hook insures ease of use and comfort for both you and your dog

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