Installing Lens Wraps


Please follow these steps to apply your lens wraps on your new lenses. You will need a blow dryer to get the best results. Let us know if you have any questions!

1.  Put the new smoke lens into the goggle.
2.  Peel the backing off of the vinyl lens wrap.
3.  Align the lens wrap in the upper corner of the lens about 1/8” from the goggle frame. The sticker may not appear to fit at first, but that’s ok!

4.  Carefully place the sticker over the lens from the side you started on – to the other. Only press the middle of lens wrap down by drawing your finder across the middle of the lens horizontally.  Keep a 1/8” gap between the wrap and the goggle frame. If needed, peel up and reapply, try not to stretch the lens wrap.

5.  Once the wrap looks ‘in position’ so that it will not contact the goggle frame start sticking the wrap to the lens. Start in the middle and work towards the edges. The wrap will wrinkle and  need to slowly be smoothed out.

6.  Use a blow dryer to warm up the edges of the lens wrap. This will soften the wrap and allow you to smooth out the wrinkles. Press the lens wrap down firmly on the lens paying special attention to adhering the edges. 

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