• My German Shepherd has a huge head, will Rex Specs fit?

    Yes, most likely. The current size Large Rex Specs is designed to fit a wide range of dogs, as large as 100+ lbs. However some dogs have blockier heads which will be more of a factor in the fit than their weight. Large breeds such as English Labs, Boxers, German Shepherds, Great Danes, and St. Bernards, sometimes have very broad heads and muzzles which can make the goggle straps quite tight. For these larger breeds, be sure to adjust all of the straps! The small side straps will provide a lot of extra length in the collar strap when extended as long as possible. Also, the strap under the chin should be snug, this will also free up strapping to reach behind the dog’s head. If these adjustments don’t do the trick we do offer a 4” strap extender.

    Watch the Fitting Video HERE

  • Do Rex Specs fit "short-nosed" breeds?

    Yes, Rex Specs fit on breeds, like boxers, pit bulls, and bull dogs, depending on the width of their muzzle (nose). Some bull dogs might have muzzles that are too broad or short for the goggle to rest comfortably. Many of these breeds have eye issues that Rex Specs can be helpful in managing or preventing. 

  • Will the size small fit my Pug?

    It depends. Our size small was specifically designed to fit smaller dogs with a flatter face. Although it was designed with this in mind, it does not fit well unless the dog has some ‘nose’ for the goggle to rest on. The dog also needs some ‘chin’ for the strap to work properly. Please take a look at our fit guide (link to fit guide page) to see some examples of the size small on various breeds.

    Watch the Fitting Video HERE

  • What if my dog is in-between sizes?

    Please look at out ‘fit guide’ (link to our fit guide page) to help you understand what size goggles your dog might fit into better. We use body weight as a guideline for sizing – but head shape is also very important.

    If your dog is under 30lbs, but has a blocky, thick, or bulkier head they might fit into Rex Specs Original better than the small. For example, some heelers/cattle dogs that are 30lbs fit into the Original better than the size small.

    On the other hand, some dogs around the 30 lb weight might fit the Rex Specs Small better than the Original. If you have a whippet, or smaller greyhound they might be in this category. Dogs with a very slender, petit face structure might fit into the size small better.

  • Can I return the Rex Specs if they don't fit or my dog doesn't like them?

    Your satisfaction in the product is what matters most to us. We accept returns within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Shipping cost are non-refundable. We ask that the product be in nearly new shape when returned. 

  • Will I get an order and shipping confirmation email?

    Yes, you will receive an email confirming your order immediately after your order is placed. A tracking number and shipping confirmation will be sent as soon as the order has been processed by our fulfillment. If you have not received these emails, please check your spam filter. If it isn't there just give us a call at (307) 203-0308 or shoot us an email (info@rexspecs.com) and we will look into it for you. 

  • What is your shipping policy?

    Any orders placed after 12pm MST will be shipped out next day. Please take this into consideration when placing an order if you're hoping to receive it by a certain day of the week. As for weekend orders, please keep in mind that shipments do not go out on Saturday and Sundays, therefore if you place an order over the weekend it will not be shipped out until Monday: any orders placed on Friday after 1pm MST will be shipped out on the following Monday. If you believe your shipment is lost or if something is wrong with the address or tracking please email us at info@rexspecs.com.

    Read our full Shipping and Return Policy HERE.

  • Do Rex Specs work with ear protection?

    Yes, Rex Specs have been designed with a low profile strap system that integrates easily with ear protection, muzzles and collars.

  • Are your lenses UV protective? What's the difference between the lenses?

    All of the lenses are made from 100% polycarbonate and are rated UV400. All lenses, including the clear lenses, protects against 99.99% UVA/UVB. The smoke, mirror, and revo lenses have a tint in the polycarbonate darkens the view for the dog. The mirror and revo lenses are treated with a coating that creates the reflective appearance. The revo and mirror lenses are actual a smoke lens with the coating applied, so the dog sees the same darkness through all of the tinted lens options.

    Read more about our lenses HERE.

  • Are they impact resistant?

    The Rex Specs Original (larger size) pass the ANSI Z87.1-2010 impact resistance test. Check out the video of this test on YouTube.

  • Do the lenses scratch?

    All Rex Specs lenses are Polycarbonate and very flexible and durable. However, they will scratch with tough wear. Dogs are harder on lenses than we might be so be sure to train your dog to wear the goggles before letting them loose rocking their specs. This will help protect the lenses from the natural reaction a dog has to rub the goggles “off” when they try them the first time.

    Some of our lenses show wear and tear less than others. The clear and smoke lenses show the least amount of wear and the Revo coated lenses will show the scratches more easily. Dogs actually have pretty poor short range vision and are therefore not bothered by scratches and disturbances on the lens as we would be - they see right past it. So, go ahead and let them use the lenses to the fullest!

  • What’s the difference in Revo lenses?

    Just the cool look! All revo and mirrored lenses are the same as our smoke lenses but they have the reflective coating applied to front. This coating does not change the view or color of things for the dog. For example the red revo lenses does not give the view a reddish hue when looking through it.

  • Can Rex Specs be worn in the water?

    Rex Specs can certainly be used when the dog is in the water. They do not keep the water out (like human swim goggles) but they are designed to drain quickly so once the dog emerges from the water there is no water held in the frame. The dog can go in and out of the water with Rex Specs on as easily as without them. As the water drys you may notice water spots, these can be easily wiped off with a soft rag.

    Read more about Rex Specs Dog Goggles performance in water HERE.