How do Rex Specs™ perform in the water?

June 13, 2017 Written by: Aiden Doane

As summer heats up and it’s time to hit the rivers, lakes, and beach, we get a lot of questions about how Rex Specs™ perform in water. A few of the questions commonly asked are: Are Rex Specs™ are waterproof? Do they keep all of the water out? Do Rex Specs™ dog goggles float? Can they be used in the water?

Here's a quick breakdown of how the goggles perform in the water.

Durability of materials: Rex Specs™ were designed to be durable, and used in all environments. We love to spend time outdoors with our dogs – whether we’re trail running, rafting, fishing, or hiking we always seem to find a lake, river, or a mud puddle to splash around in. We also had working dogs and service dogs in mind throughout the development process and knew the goggles needed to hold up in any environment imaginable - including in the water. The frame is a super lightweight plastic that is not only very durable and flexible, but is not affected by getting wet. The foam on the goggle is glued onto the frame using waterproof glue – so you shouldn’t have any issues with the foam peeling off, or coming apart when using the goggles in the water. The foam itself does get wet - but holds up to extended periods of time in the water, or repeated use in and around the water. The foam is also buoyant enough to keep the goggles afloat incase they fall off the side of the boat, or somehow end up in the water.  

Are they watertight? It would be almost impossible for Rex Specs™ to keep all of the water out of dog's eyes. Creating a watertight seal against fur/hair is nearly impossible. They are however, splash proof – so they do keep most water out. In cases where your dog is fully submerged, some water does get into the goggle.  However, we have designed the goggle so that the water drains very quickly and will not bother or harm the dog. To let water out of the goggle, we made sure to have the ventilation areas continue from the top to the bottom of the goggles so that water can drain out easily. On top of this, most dogs give a good shake when they exit, or when they surface after jumping into the water. When this happens, the water flies out of the goggles almost immediately.  Here is a video of one of our users reviewing the goggles, and playing fetch in the water using the goggles - check it out!

Long story short – the goggles can absolutely be used in the water.

The only suggestion we have when using the goggles in water is to help the foam that comes in contact with your dog's face dry using a towel or by squeezing the water out of it. Then, let them air dry. If your goggles get dirty, stinky, or need a wash - take the lens out and wash them gently with soapy water.  We stand behind our product and strive to make goggles useful in all environments. In fact, because our goal is to build the best product possible, we have two warranty programs.

We offer a 1 year manufacturers warranty – if your goggle breaks, or has a manufacturer's defect in the first year - we’ll replace your Rex Specs™. We also offer a Rex Specs™ product guarantee - if you break, destroy, or ruin your goggles to a point where they are no longer useable (even if your dog chews them up) we’ll replace them for $35.00. We love receiving Rex Specs™ product guarantee exchanges for products that are years old and completely worn out or beat up - it shows that the product was well used, loved, and served on many great adventures! PLEASE - before sending your goggles to us for any warranty issue contact us first for a return form.  Without a return form your request will not be fulfilled!  If you have any other questions regarding warranties, or the durability and functionality of Rex Specs™ give us a call (307-209-3890), or email us at

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