Training Your Dog To Wear Rex Specs


Be sure the goggle introduction is part of a positive experience! Let your dog inspect them instead of forcing them onto their face. Be patient and remember that all dogs are different. Lets get training!

First Sessions

Introduce the goggles slowly. Start without lenses in goggles and reward with food (or another favorite activity) as the dog progresses through associating the goggles with a positive experience. Have them electively bring their face toward the goggles to receive a reward. Add a "cue" or marker word to this for future training - "Gear Up" is our favorite.

Adding Duration & Straps

Now that your dog knows their cue, work on duration. Slowly increase the amount of time the goggles are on their face. Once you see they are okay with this, add straps. This may only take a few sessions for some dogs, but for others,several days. Be patient and repeat as needed.

Get Moving

Let's get moving now that your dog understands the advantage of wearing goggles. The main goal is to add time and movement by having them follow a line of food on the floor, using luring games, or even practicing tricks or obedience. Once your dog digs their specs, pop in those lenses and repeat the training. You won't have to go as slow as before, but the key is ensuring the lens keeps their perception of the new gear the same. Go have fun!

Now that your dog is a Rex Specs PRO, go get out and start adventuring with them and their new goggles. For more awesome training tips, tricks and advice check out @workyourpack or Work Your Pack

Rex Specs Training FAQ

What if my dog isn't food motivated?

Consider the following factors to increase your dog's drive for food

Too Much Access
If food is ALWAYS available in a bowl, it may decrease desire to hunt for it during training. Start letting your dog earn meals for training!

Bland Diet

Your dog may need a change-up in food. We want high quality protein rich foods for dogs! Consider a special treat to get them really invested in getting goggles on!

Why does my dog freeze up with the goggles on?

Ask yourself if you went too fast during training

We sometimes hear dogs freeze up once their goggles are on, which is a sign the dog is a bit cerebral and is mainly thinking about this new object on their face. You may have rushed things a bit. Take a step back in the training process and get the dog more familiar with goggles in a scaled, patient way with LOTS of rewards.

Why is my dog pawing goggles off their face?

WHOA! SLOW DOWN! You defintely went too fast during conditioning.

It is SO IMPORTANT that your dog doesn't earn too many big self-rewards by swiping these off BEFORE you have a chance to condition the value of wearing them. Remember, these are a non-dog thing, and your dog may not take to them right away without a thoughtful process of conditioning. Wear goggles = awesome stuff happens.

More Training Videos

Training With Alicia

Alicia is the handler of 3 dogs; Kona, Cali and Ruger. Alicia documents here how she trained her newest member Ruger to wear Rex Specs. She’ a dog lover, trainer, and also runs the IG page @west_coast_heeler_pack and website:

Training With Sara

Sara Carson has made a name for herself in the trick training world. She holds a Guinness Book World Record for tricks in 60 seconds and has numerous appearances on a national stage including a 5th place performance on America’s Got Talent. She runs the IG page @thesupercollies and also started the @puppr app - helping dog owners around the world teach their dogs tricks.

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