Why Your Dog Needs Eye Protection

March 14, 2024 Written by: Aiden Doane

Written by: Hanna Holcomb


If you’ve ever wondered why your dog might need eye protection, think about why and when you might put on sunglasses or safety glasses. Bright sunlight, dust and debris can damage their eyes and keep them away from doing what they love. Rex Specs help shield dogs’ eyes from hazards whether they’re a military working dog, mountain bike-loving adventure pup, or a dog who enjoys hanging their head out of the car window.  

Sun Exposure and UV Rays

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can trigger and exacerbate debilitating eye conditions in dogs. By blocking 99.9% of these rays, Rex Specs UV400-rated lenses protect your dog’s eyes, keeping them outdoors and active for longer. UV protection can help minimize the issues that may arise in dogs' eyes from sun-related diseases, including pannus. Also known as chronic superficial keratitis, pannus is an autoimmune disease that affects a dog's cornea, the clear part of their eye. When untreated, pannus can lead to vision loss and even blindness. While the exact trigger for pannus is unknown, exposure to UV rays may play a role and can worsen the disease after it starts. Rex Specs users and veterinarians alike have found that using Rex Specs, in combination with medication, helps slow the progression of pannus while keeping dogs happy and outdoors.

Just like us, dogs can get sunburnt from UV ray exposure. Those with light colored eyes and fur, and pets living at high elevations are especially susceptible. If you notice inflammation and redness around their eyes or you notice that your pup is squinting after a day in the sun, they may be getting sunburnt in those areas. Wearing Rex Specs helps reduce their risk of sunburn and its associated consequences like long-term damage and skin cancers.  

Protection from Impact and Debris

In addition to sun protection, Rex Specs act like safety glasses, protecting dogs’ eyes from injury due to impact and debris. Rex Specs passed the ANSI Z87.1 2010 high velocity impact rating test, the standard for human safety glasses and face shields. To pass the test, the goggles withstood 6 shots of a quarter inch steel ball moving at 300-340 ft/second without the lens cracking or dislodging from the frame. In addition, Rex Specs are MIL-PRF-32432A high velocity impact rated, the standard of durability and quality for the US Military. For this rating, the lenses held up against a .22-cal, 17 Grain FSP (Non-Skirted) projectile moving at 580-590 ft/ second. 

This level of protection helps shield dogs’ eyes in a wide variety of activities. Dogs who work around helicopters, like military working dogs and search and rescue dogs, need eye protection from the dust and debris that’s kicked up by a hovering helicopter. Adventure dogs following along on ATV or mountain bike rides could sustain an eye injury from rocks and sticks kicked up by the wheels. Hunting dogs, whether they’re flushing or retrieving prey, need protection from the thorns, stickers, and seeds that could damage their eyes as they run through dense brush. Even a car ride-loving dog sticking their head out of the window could sustain an eye injury from airborne dust and debris along the road.   

No matter what your dog’s up to, you can trust that Rex Specs will shield their eyes from injury and harmful exposure to sun. 

Gear up your dog with securely fitting, durable, and UV-blocking eye protection.

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