November 06, 2023 Written by: Aiden Doane

In the world of dog ownership, it's the little things that make all the difference. The right leash and collar can do much more than just ensure your dog's safety – it can also build trust, strengthen the bond between you and your furry companion, and even influence their behavior off the leash. At Rex Specs, we believe in the power of these seemingly simple accessories to spread joy and happiness.

We're excited to share that we’re collaborating again this year with our local Animal Adoption Center (AAC) in Jackson, WY, to donate 2,000 leashes and collars to its adorable tenants. Year after year the center provides a loving home to countless dogs in need, offering them a chance at a bright future. Providing quality gear to the center not only ensures the safety and comfort of their dogs in residence but also contributes to their training, health, and well-being.

Since its birth, the AAC has rescued thousands of animals and thoughtfully placed them in loving forever homes as well as facilitated tens of thousands of spay/neuters in the state of Wyoming to alleviate the problem of animal shelter overpopulation at the source. The AAC strives to rewrite the negative stereotypes about abandoned animals by educating the community about each animal’s unique story. The AAC requires a foster period for dogs which means the dogs stay with their potential new family before adoption. To prevent animals ending up back in the shelter system, all animals adopted from the AAC are welcome back at any time should the adoptive family’s circumstances change. By engaging with the community and providing the necessary resources to set both the owner and the animal up for success, AAC hopes to realize a future where there are no more homeless pets. 

At Rex Specs, we’re honored to have the opportunity to show this gesture of gratitude to the center as a way of celebrating the bonds we all share with our canine friends. We believe in the incredible power of the human-dog connection. It’s a connection that can change lives – not just for the dogs we love, but for us, too. Join us on this journey to spread joy, one leash at a time.


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