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November 28, 2023 Written by: Aiden Doane

For the past 17 years the Military Working Dog Team Support Association (MWDTSA) has been assembling and distributing care packages to Military Working Dog Teams across the globe. The care packages consist of an array of products like Rex Specs goggles, pet care items, treats for the dogs, socks, coffee, and other fun gifts for their handlers. It’s MWDTSA’s way of saying "thank you" to these vital armed forces teams. 

Rex Specs is teaming up with the MWDTSA to make sure protective gear for dogs is included in the next quarterly care package. Again this year we’re reaching out to you, our Rex Specs community, to be involved in the donation process. We know how much you love your dogs and we’re asking you to share the love with these dedicated working dogs and their handlers.  

Donate a Pair of Rex Specs to a Military Working Dog

Starting on Giving Tuesday, 11/28/23, you can send a pair of Rex Specs goggles to a Military Working Dog through our website by making a donation HERE. For every $50 raised, Rex Specs will send a pair of goggles to MWDTSA to be included in an outgoing care package.

Our goal is to send 200 pairs of Rex Specs to dog teams in need. If we can get 200 donations from people like you, 200 Military Working Dogs will have extra eye protection as they perform their heroic and sometimes hazardous tasks. To do that, we need your help in both purchasing Rex Specs goggles and spreading the word about the program.

Ready to Donate? Click HERE to support Military Working Dogs this holiday season.

More About MWDTSA

MWDTSA is a volunteer-run 501(C)3 that has been sending care packages to Military Working Dogs since 2006. With an estimated 9000 care packages sent (with a content value of nearly $1,200,000), you can be sure your gift is getting into the hands (and paws) of a hard-working team. In fact, over 98% of all donations, grants, and other fundraising goes directly into their care packages, with the remaining 1.7% paying for administrative, bank, and government fees. 

You can read more about this great organization and their mission on the MWDTSA website. And if you’d like to support MWDTSA further, you’ll find a wishlist there where you can purchase additional items for care packages that they’re not able to get from businesses like Rex Specs.

Military Working Dogs Need You! 

The donations you make to Military Working Dogs make a major impact on their lives and service. But don’t just take our word for it. Read how these incredible dogs are benefitting from wearing Rex Specs Goggles:

MWD Beta  – Air Force

MWD Beta wore Rex Specs goggles while deployed to Kuwait. The goggles helped to prevent Beta from sand getting in his eyes during windy days.

MWD Aruba – Air Force

MWD Aruba has pannus and these goggles help to protect his eyes, and keep them from getting worse. When Aruba and I were deployed to Saudi Arabia, we had a few sand storms that we were working through. During the first one, I did not have Rex Specs. MWDTSA sent us a pair of goggles in a care package and they really helped Aruba perform his duties, such as searching vehicles.

MWD Daisy  – Marine Corps

Anytime there were high winds and dust in the air, I would put my Rex Specs on Daisy. They protected her eyes and never interfered with the task at hand. She was comfortable with them on, and I felt better knowing that precautions were available to protect her!

MWD Bunko – Air Force

MWD Bunko developed pannus, so he wears his Rex Specs goggles anytime he’s outside! They’re great for protecting his eyes from the sun, so that his condition doesn’t worsen.

MWD Sali – Army

In order to operate in an every changing environment for the DoD, our MWDs need to be able to work and focus on tasks, just as our troops do. Rex Specs give our dogs and specifically, my MWD Sali, the ability to maneuver without hesitation. No need to worry about being blinded by the sun, blasted with the wind, or stunned with small debris because these goggles get the job done by protecting and elevating the small but highly impactful tasks that our dogs must perform. My dog Sali wouldn’t be as effective in the harsh circumstances if it weren’t for the use of Rex Specs. 

MWD AArlington – Air Force

Our Rex Specs goggles were a great tool to have during our deployment. The sun was bright, and it was windy, so the goggles helped to keep debris and bugs out of her eyes. The goggles made our day to day duties much easier. 

MWD Lotor – Marine Corps

Lotor loved his Rex Specs. He never tried to fight them, and they became somewhat of a comfort for him because he knew how much they helped. Without his goggles when it was incredibly windy with all the sand in the air, he would walk with his head down and his tail between his legs. Rex Specs allowed him to do the job that he loved without becoming frustrated by the environments we were in. If Lotor felt confident in his job, then I did as well. 

MWD Bulit – Air Force

During Guardian Response 2023, MWD Bulit flew on multiple helicopters. When they take off, the land debris will fly everywhere and these goggles helped to protect his eyes from the rotor wash and debris landing into his eyes. 

MWD Sipos – Air Force

MWD Sipos used his Rex Specs goggles when we trained on loading and unloading Huey’s. There was snow on the ground this day, which made the sun really bright. Sipos does not mind his goggles and they fit him comfortably, not even noticing that they’re on. He is able to his job flawlessly! 


MWD Bady – Navy

Bady’s goggles helped to keep sand out of his eyes and reduced sun exposure, making it more pleasurable to work in the Kuwait environment. They keep sand and sun out of his eyes, and ensure that his vision remains unaffected. The goggles were also very user friendly when I had to switch out the lenses.

MWD Nandi – Army

Nandi has pannus, and these goggles help to prevent the UV rays from further damaging his eyes. He is also able to conduct detection tasks comfortably in various environments without getting debris in his eyes. During our Kosovo deployment, there was an abundance of gnats during the wet season. Rex Specs played a huge role in keeping them out of his eyes while he was working. They also helped to keep his eyes safe during harsh weather conditions when we had a blizzard, and during fire season, it kept the ash from brush fires out of his eyes.

MWD Kicsi – Air Force

MWD Kicsi used her Rex Specs goggles while we were deployed. They helped to protect her eyes from sun bleaching, and from debris during wind storms. The goggles were also useful while we were conducting gunfire training to protect her from foreign objects. Plus, she looks badass while wearing them!

MWD Faro – Air Force

While working in Africa, we had a lot of dust storms. The goggles helped him work through storms and stay injury free.

MWD Evelyn – Air Force

Working in an arctic environment comes with a unique set of challenges. Ice chards can get kicked up in a helicopter’s rotor wash, or even just some strong winds, and sting your skin and eyes. I rely on Rex Specs goggles whenever we do helo training to keep Evelyn’s eyes safe from harm, and allow us to continue working. There are days where I wouldn’t be able to safely take Evelyn outside without eye pro, much less convince her to work, so these goggles are an absolutely essential piece of equipment. And, I might be a little biased, but let’s be honest. Evelyn looks pretty darn good wearing them!

Ready to Donate? Click HERE to support Military Working Dogs this holiday season.

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