HUGS, L<3VE, and COOKIES: Get to know Parker, the ambassador of Loveland Ski Area

February 05, 2024 Written by: Aiden Doane

Nestled amidst the snow-covered peaks of Loveland Ski Area, Parker the dog reigns supreme as the cherished and spirited mascot of the mountain retreat. With a coat as fluffy as freshly fallen snow and eyes that gleam with boundless enthusiasm, Parker is more than just a furry companion; he's an integral part of the mountain family. Whether he's frolicking in the powder, tail wagging in sheer delight, or warmly greeting visitors, Parker embodies the heart and soul of Loveland. His infectious joy brings smiles to the faces of skiers and snowboarders alike, turning the ski slopes into a haven of camaraderie and warmth. In the eyes of the mountain community, Parker is more like an ambassador than a mascot; he’s the embodiment of the love and camaraderie that make Loveland Ski Area a truly special place.

How did Parker become the mascot of Loveland Ski Area?

Parker assumed the role of Loveland Ski Area ``mascot" in 2016 when I adopted him; he functions more as an ambassador to the mountain than a conventional mascot.

Tell us about Parker’s duties as the mascot of Loveland Ski Area?

During the summer and fall, Parker is engaged in various marketing duties. He participates in Front Range Pass Sale events, offering love and hugs to the customers that come to the Loveland booth. Parker also frequents Colorado news studios, contributing to weather segments alongside his owner in discussions about Loveland Ski Area. On the mountain, Parker is present during snowmaking, capturing content for the ski area. Parker's videos have gotten millions of views and have been shown on Denver Broncos games and multiple nationally broadcasted news segments. Once Loveland opens for the season, the Loveland Ski Patrol dogs are the only pups allowed on the mountain. Subsequently, he directs his attention to Denver, engaging with media and events that Loveland participates in.


Parker the Mascot of Loveland Ski Area

Which department gives the best belly rubs?

In the summertime and fall, Parker gives hugs with year-round staff. His preferred hugs come from snowmakers during those chilly snow days on the mountain.

What is Parker’s favorite run on the mountain, and why?

Mambo is Parker's favorite run on the mountain, as it is the primary slope where snowmaking occurs to prepare for the season. During snowmaking, Parker checks the quality control of the snow by running up and down the hill. When fatigued, you might catch Parker riding and taking naps in the snowcat.

Can Parker  settle the  all time debate– do skiers or snowboarders do it best?

Parker harbors equal affection for both skiers and snowboarders, as he maintains a neutral stance in his role as the Mayor of Georgetown, Colorado.

Can Parker share his top tips for mastering the art of the perfect snow zoomies?

Renowned as the master of snow zoomies, Parker seeks out the deepest snow on the run. He particularly enjoys spots with protruding bushes that scratch his back. After a brief snow dance on his back, Parker leaps up and dashes like a racehorse up and down the mountain, creating quite the spectacle.

Parker with snow on his face.

What are his go-to après-ski treats after a hard day's work?

Following a long day of snowmaking, Parker unwinds in Georgetown at Guanella Pass Brewery. This brewery takes pride in brewing Parker's signature beer, the Bernese Mountain Brown Ale.

Parker is also the mayor of Georgetown, how long has he  been mayor? What are some of Parker’s favorite duties as Mayor?

Parker assumed the position of Mayor of Georgetown, Colorado, through town council vote in February 2020. His mayoral platform revolves around "Hugs, Love, and Cookies." Actively promoting the town, Parker attends events, fundraisers, and utilizes his social media channels to boost awareness.

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