Q&A Corner: Rex Specs Goggles for Hunting

June 17, 2022 Written by: Willie Vernon

Bill Desmarais, otherwise known by his Instagram handle of @desmos_photos, is an avid hunter, dog lover, and photography aficionado. As a longtime user of Rex Specs Goggles, we caught up with Bill to find out what first piqued his interest in protective eyewear for his hunting dog, why they still like using goggles, and what dangers they goggles have helped Ares avoid.

Q: What first made you interested in Rex Specs for your hunting dog?

A: I first became interested in Rex Specs when my dog, Ares, and I started hunting regularly. His health and safety are my number one priorities. When looking for a product, Rex Specs stood out over others. It was easy for my dog to adapt to the googles and use them. 

Q: What kind of hunting do you and Ares participate in?

A: Mainly waterfowl hunting across the East Coast to the Middle West of North America. We have done Sandhill Cranes, Canadian Geese, Speckle Belly Geese, ducks hunts, and conservation Snow Geese hunts.

Q: Why do you use Rex Specs Goggles on hunts?

A: Having a hard-charging dog like Ares who doesn’t hesitate when in the fields, it’s important for me to make sure I am doing everything possible to protect him.  He wears a vest to protect his chest, so it would be silly to think his eyes don't need the same protection.

Q: Have there been any times where Rex Specs Goggles helped your dog avoid an injury during a hunt?

A: Yes, during a Sandhill Crane hunt in Oklahoma, the crane was crippled and during his retrieve it repeatedly attacked his head with his beak. Had Ares not been wearing his Rex Specs, he could have lost an eye.

Q: Why would you recommend Rex Specs to others?

A: As dog owners, we give our dogs the best of everything. Between food, kennels, and care. Why wouldn’t I want to use a tried and true product like Rex Specs to protect my dog's eyes and ears. As well as pass it along to my fellow buddies and their dogs.

Q: What’s your dog’s biggest accomplishment as a hunting dog?

A: Ares and my biggest accomplishment is being able to participate in all the hunts we’ve done. The Oklahoma hunt was by far our best hunt yet.  We travelled from Rhode Island to Pennsylvania and picked up a buddy, continued down to Kansas to hunt mallards on public land. Traveled to Oklahoma for Sandhill Cranes, then drove back through Arkansas for Speckled Bellies, Snows and Blues.  Keeping him by my side throughout the season by giving him the best chance with protection is important and Rex Specs helps me do this.

Have questions on whether Rex Specs Goggles are right for your hunting dog? Want tips on training, sizing, and more? Contact our helpful Customer Service team at info@rexspecs.com or visit our Goggle Fitting & Training page.

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