Q&A Corner: Safe & Healthy Adventures

July 05, 2022 Written by: Willie Vernon

Meet Steve. Steve was one of Rex Spec's first employees. And Steve knows a lot about going on adventures with dogs. His two pups, Yogi and Echo, go mountain biking, skiing, paddle boarding, and pretty much anything else Steve can come up with that gets them outdoors.

Before he started working for Rex Specs, Steve was an avid supporter and customer of the brand. So let's gather 'round and hear what an OG Rex Specs expert (Rex Specspert?) has to say. 

Q: Why did you initially become interested in Rex Specs?

A: When Yogi was a pup, our favorite activity after work was paddling on a local reservoir in Colorado. It soon became clear that Yogi was having trouble with the sun on the water at high altitude. He has pink pigment around his eyes, like many Duck Tolling Retrievers, and it was either getting burned or he ended up with his eyes closed all the time. I felt bad seeing him like this because he was always so excited when the paddleboards came out at the beach. One night I just happened to look up “dog sun protection” and came across Rex Specs. I ordered them immediately hoping they would help. The first day we had them, I threw them on the board and you could tell he was comfortable paddling for the first time in awhile. No squinting, no sunburnt pigment, it was perfect. Since then, we’ve found endless reasons to use them for both dogs.

Q: What kind of adventures do you bring your dogs on?

 A: What adventures do they not come on? These two are up for anything. Skiing, biking, hiking, paddleboarding, backpacking, floating the river. They’re the dog versions of adrenaline junkies! If Echo could base jump, I’m sure she would.

Q: How do Rex Specs benefit your dogs on the trails and on hikes?

A: Besides the protection from the sun (Yogi’s sunburnt pigment and Echo’s predisposition for Pannus since she is a Border Collie), they’re great for debris and dust protection on the trail. Living in the dry west for several years, almost all the trails were dusty by the end of the season and walking behind the group, they would often be covered in it by the end of a hike. Plus, what passerby doesn’t love to pet a dog in dope goggles? They certainly enjoy the extra pets and encouragement on the trails.

Q: Have there been any times where your dog’s goggles helped them avoid an injury while adventuring?

A: Absolutely! Both dogs really enjoy running behind the mountain bike on cool mornings. The amount of dust, pebbles and sticks that I’ve seen in slo-mo videos coming up from the back wheel is amazing. I’m always glad they have their Specs on here. There’s been plenty of times where they might have ended up with an eye injury if it wasn’t for Rex Specs.

Q: Why would you recommend Rex Specs to others?

A: I always get the “Why does your dog wear those?” question when out and about with the dogs. It’s a tough quick question to answer because the uses are almost limitless depending upon the activity. (The dogs hate stopping for questions, pets only please) Two things I always come back to though are:

  1. It’s much cheaper than a vet bill due to an eye injury
  2. If I’m wearing sunglasses for eye protection, why shouldn’t my dog? They’re man’s best friend and we should treat them like that.

Makes sense, right? Plus, your dog will be the coolest on any adventure and always get extra pets.

Q: What are your dog’s favorite summer activities to do with you?

A: Biking and paddleboarding for sure! Echo loves to rip behind the bike daily and Yogi loves the wind in his fur on the rivers and lakes.


Dogs Wearing Goggles Paddleboarding 

Have any questions about how Rex Specs can protect your dog? Contact our Customer Service team at info@rexspecs.com

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