Meet The Pack That Makes It Happen

January 23, 2023 Written by: Micaela Poole

Meet Our Pack!

If someone were to call us dog lovers, we might laugh and just tell you "we're more than that, we're the crazy dog people" - Read more and you'll see what we mean. Rex Specs was started out of the love for our dogs and the belief that "Life is Better Together." The inspiration for all we do here, meet our pack of "willing" coworkers that chill along side us every day and make life that much more enjoyable.


Tuckerman - CEO (Canine Executive Office)


This pup knows how to bolster the bottom line. Fallen prey to flatulence, Tuckerman leads the company one fart at a time. Nowadays, he’s been caught napping in sun spots on the clock, which has the staff starting to wonder, is Tuckerman farting in meetings to end them in an expedited fashion? If asked to describe his last fart as a movie title, it would probably be "Natural Born Killers"

Echo - Micro Manager Extraordinaire of Daily Operations


In addition to strict oversight of her responsibilities, i.e, lengths of walks, choosing goggle colors, and scheduling Zoom(ies) meetings, she can be overheard howling about the inadequate state of feeding times. Echo is a business school dropout in pursuit of more enriching opportunities.

Summit - Money Mistro (Chief Accounting Officer)


The bedrock of financial operations. Summit likes his routines methodical and his spreadsheets orderly. Not shy to tell you if your balance sheets are unbalanced, this pup crunches numbers as meticulously as he does treats. According to his calculations, he will be eligible for a tax refund this year and prefers his issued in raw meaty bones.





Quill - Dr. Fix It (The IT Guy)


He dazzles the office by being able to install the printer, but really he just googled it. Cheeky and sneaky, this guy is gunning for the lap of luxury. As long as you stay on his good side, he won’t mention your internet search history. Googling “best stocks to invest in” during work hours, are we Summit? I’d suggest investing in Tennis Balls; they have a high rate of return.


Frodo - Shipping Manager


Originally starting as pick/packer in the shipping warehouse, this pup was quickly given a different job title. Sadly, he was not able to hold the tape gun, and the top box flaps down at the same time. This boisterous pup can be heard barking about the rising costs of shipping, cardboard boxes and Nylabones. 



Thaddeus - Director of Customer Experience


Known as Rad Thad around town or Chief Chatter to his fellow coworkers, Thaddeus is ready for all the hard hitting questions from loyal customers. “My human stopped giving me treats, what do I do?” is all too common for this hound on a Monday morning. A simple “Keep pawing at those goggles, babe” always gets the ladies smiling. When he’s not answering calls, he’s out chasing tail.

Fidget - Director of Barketing


Decrees for daily walks to boost creativity. Creating fresh content is harder than it looks. The aptly named Fidget can be seen fidgeting around the conference room saying, “am I barking up the right tree?” This hound for marketing needs feedback in the form of praise. Unsure if everyone loves his presentation or if it’s just time for lunch, he is back at his cubicle ensuring his ad creative is seasonally appropriate.


Yogi - CHO (Chief Hype Officer)


Have you heard of a dogfluencer? Well, Yogi was there first. When he is not daydreaming about fresh powder falling at the mountain, he is collecting thumb-stopping content for his faithful followers. Self-dubbed “King of Buzzwords”, you can catch him saying things like “Synergy”, “EOD”, and “Circle Back.” When he does slide on by the office, you know it’s only for happy hour invites… he doesn’t have the bandwidth for much more. 

Spree - Pawduct Development


When Spree is not designing Premium pet products, he enjoys putting them to the test. Diving head first into development - literally. You might be able to catch him shouting from the rooftop about how awesome his next project is or giving it a beat down if it doesn't meet his high standards. Don’t even try asking what his next project is, he will side-eye you until the ink dries on the patent paperwork.

Tilly - Office Intern


One can hear “we really dropped the ball on this one… I’ll go get it” She is full of determination ~ ready to hit the pavement and really get her paws dirty. Tilly is eager to contribute, albeit she is confused as to what her job responsibilities are, but that does not fluff with her helpful do-you-have-any-treats-I-can-help-you-with spirit.

Yaz - Late Founder


An Alaskan Husky is accustomed to pulling the weight. This Slush Puppy leaned into her sled dog drive to relentlessly pursue the entrepreneurial lifestyle. With her humans backing her venture, she charged ahead and unleashed excitement while creating new expectations for what high-performing dog gear could look like. This pup can only be described as a true tail blazer. The memory of this tenacious pooch inspires all Rex Specs employees to think beyond the ordinary.
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