May 19, 2022 Written by: Jesse Emilo
Rex Specs linked up with Pit Viper to bring you the dopest dog gogs to ever gog on a dog.

This super secret collab is exclusively available only for humans who can see this very public web page right here. These gogs have been carefully crafted with ancient techniques handed down through a society of goggle makers and mystical shaman trained in UV battle arts. Cosmic interstellar dogs bred by Genghis Khan himself traveled thousands of miles to deliver these gogs from an undisclosed facility somewhere near a mini mart in the borderlands of Mesopotamia.

When are you gonna have this opportunity again?? We checked with astronomers, astrologers, and a skate collective in Barstow, California: they all said NEVER.

Don’t be a bozo. Don’t miss out. Sign up today for early access.

The boring sheeple don’t get access to these tasty gogs til May 26. Hard L, right? But a dope human such as yourself will get that early VIP treatment dropping May 25 — if you sign up now.
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