Fog Busting - How to Keep your Rex Specs From Fogging

September 14, 2018 Written by: Aiden Doane

Whether the temperatures are dropping, or you spend lots of time in hot, humid environments - Rex Specs lenses can sometimes fog up. Though we have taken this issue into consideration and provided as much ventilation to the goggles as possible - it is still an issue in some situations. Not everyone will experience this issue but if you’re using your Rex Specs in temperatures below 10 degrees (F), there is a good chance you know what I’m talking about!

We’ve got a few of recommendations to share with you.

  • Anti-Fog spray
  • Cat Crap (not the kind you find in your litter box)
  • Dish soap
  • The Fog Hack (last resort only!)

Anti-Fog Sprays: Some customers have had success using various anti-fog sprays. Be sure to get a spray that can be used on polycarbonate (plastic) lenses - not glass. These sprays should not comprise the lens in anyway.

Cat Crap: Similar to an anti-fog spray, Cat Crap is a balm that you can coat the exterior of your lens in to help prevent fogging.

Dish Soap: This is our favorite fog busting hack! We use it with the Rex Specs pack and have pretty good luck when old man winter turns the thermostat down. 

  1. Pour a small amount of mild (liquid) dish soap on to a soft cloth.
  2. Apply the soap to the inside of the lens and let it “dry.”
  3. Buff off the soap residue with a dry soft cloth just enough to provide a clear vision.

Extreme Ice-World Hack: We’ve used this trick a couple of times and seen improvement. It can work well in cold weather, and also be very effective in hot, humid, wet environments. Not only will it allow better ventilation - but it will also allow the goggle to drain better. We only recommend this option once the other two have been tried - and we still recommend using anti-fog spray or the dish soap on the lens. Sometimes increasing the airflow across the lens can eliminate the fogging. Even though dogs don’t sweat, the temperature difference between their warm body and the cold lens causes the air to condense on the cold lens - just like an cold beer on a hot summer day! To increase the airflow across the lens, we carefully remove some of the mesh from the side venting of the goggles. The photos below show where the material should be removed. It’s important to not remove any of the mesh along the top of the goggle. Removing the mesh on the top will create shadows in the goggle that can be distracting and frustrating for the dog.

  1. Using a sharp blade, very carefully, cut the foam venting mesh just below the small side strap (or lower). Carefully slice and peel it away from the frame leaving the plastic trussing fully intact. Remove the foam venting mesh from the small side straps down to the bottom of the goggle.
  2. Do this to both sides of the goggles.
  3. sure to not remove any of the mesh along the top above the eyes. The mesh along the top is needed to prevent shadows and reflections inside the lens. This opening will allow for more airflow across the inside of the lens which will keep the air from condensing so quickly.

This alteration cannot be undone and is not guaranteed to 100% solve the issue! Only use this technique as a last resort. 

This alteration will not affect our Doggy Lifetime Guarantee! Whats the DLG? For $35 we will replace your Rex Specs frames (including 2 new lenses) if your goggles frames are totally beat up - no longer functional due to wear and tear, lots of love, being chewed on, have worn out elastic, or for any other reason they no longer function as protective eyewear. If your a candidate for this guarantee - send an email to with a photo and description of your destroyed goggles and we'll get the process started. 

If you’ve experienced this issue with your Rex Specs and come up with a creative solution - we’d love to hear about it! Share your fog busting tip with us at

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