Gift Protection This Holiday: Donate to a Working K9 Unit

December 07, 2018 Written by: Aiden Doane

For the last 3 years - we've teamed up with MWDTSA to help supply Rex Specs to deployed Military Working Dog teams.

Here's how it works - we offer the goggles at 50% off retail price ($40.00 USD) to anyone who would like to donate a pair on behalf of MWDTSA. Then, we send the goggles to MWDTSA who includes them in care packages to active duty Military Working Dog teams worldwide!

MWDTSA will send out 200 care packages in Q1 of 2019. In previous years we haven't had enough donations for there to be a pair of Rex Specs in every Q1 care package. This year we've set a goal to reach 200 goggle donations so that all Quarter 1 care packages sent out by MWDTSA include a pair of Rex Specs to help protect a Military Working Dog team.

Below are some words and profiles from handlers and their MWD (Military Working Dog) who have received Rex Specs FROM YOU, our loyal, generous customers in years past. If you'd like to help out and provide a MWD with Rex Specs you can make a donation HERE
Comments from a Kennel Master - “Our guys are raving about the Rex Specs that you sent us. Here are some photos taken to show you how great the goggles fit. The dogs usually fight the regular Doggles, and have trouble keeping them on the dogs. Our dogs don't mind wearing the Rex Specs due to the great fit and feel. It has truly touched their hearts knowing that there are people out there that care that much about what they are doing and want to help us with our partners.”
Comment from a handler - “I’ve tried different eye protection for dogs before and they were never a good fit. They were also very easy for the dog to get off, as well. The craftsmanship of the Rex Specs is superb in that they adjust great to fit well. They seem to be comfortable for the dogs, as they don’t try to get them off, like they would others. The straps provide a secure fit. All in all, I would say it’s a Hell of a product!"


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