V2 Replacement Lenses

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Add some spice to your Rex Specs V2 Frames. Available in nine different shades to meet your dog's needs.

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Bettina Meyer (Steamboat Springs, US)
Saved my dogs eyes


Joan (Richmond, US)

Love my new shades. So much protection when riding in my convertible or when cruising on a boat. Thanks Rex Specs.


Clean as always


I sent them back because they didn’t fit my googles so I shipped my googles with the shields, so you guys try to fit a shield in my googles, if you find the right size, just send them back and send the bill

K.M. (Tempe, US)
Good price but lenses scratch easily

- I bought these for my 7 yo Male GSD and this was his first pair of goggles. His first couple trips out he tried to use his paw to pull them off a lot which did add some scratches but after about a week he adjusted to them and now only rubs up on my leg to tell me he's tired of wearing them.
- We bought the replacement lens multi-pack and while admittedly my pup does like to brush up against and get into bushes a bit he is pretty mellow and doesn't charge in but the lenses scratch fairly easily and need replaced often if they brush up against anything abrasive.
- The price point is great and allows you to replace them often but I would be willing to pay more for a higher density scratch resistant polycarbonate lens rather than the relatively soft polycarbonate lenses.
- Due to how easy they scratch, I do have reservations on spending the money on the lens wraps if I will be replacing that after 2 weeks of use but that may be a worthwhile investment and actually prolong the life of the lens instead
- I have only replaced 2 lenses so far but it is a bit of a struggle getting the lenses to fully clip in and I end up having to reseat it several times until they click in just right.
- I am thinking about getting a pair for my other dog but that dog is incredibly stubborn and not nearly as willing to wearing anything other than his collar and tends to act clumsy and run into everything or refuse to move in protest.
- Overall for the price point they work great and help protect his eyes from the AZ sun and occasional bushes. If your on the fence I'd say try them for sure but they are the same quality as the original lenses so set your expectations accordingly.

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