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Replacement Lenses for the Original Rex Specs Dog Goggle.

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So adorable

Mike Akers (Bedford, US)

Had the original for 2 years either my dog is a brush buster or they scratch easily

Nanoka Russ (Greeley, US)
OG (Original Series replacement lenses)

Purchased for my Original Series Rex Specs. They do get scratched up kind of fast but to be fair my dog @Charlajeanruss and I do a lot of off-road adventuring. We do sand, gravel, beach, creeks, windy mountainsides at high elevation, winter blizzardy adventures too. Sometimes we just play hide and seek in the cat tails and weeds. The V2 series might be an improved version but for now these are okay. My Charla is a Belgian Malinois and we purchased an Xtra Large but probably should have gotten the size Large. The adjustable straps mean it's still working out okay. So fo rnow the replacement lenses are fine . I will do an instagram on replacing and cleaning them later Worth it.

Cathleen Cahill (Chico, US)
Rex specs saves vision

My 13 year old dog is functionally blind, can see a little. We walk every morning in a nature area. His Rex specs protect his eyes from injury from twigs as he sniffs along the side of the trail. This is evidenced by the scratches on the lenses.

Tracy Mapes (Novi, US)
Amazing product!

This product is worth every penny. I have been a licensed veterinary technician for the past 18+ years, and have seen many different types of injuries and diseases of dogs eyes over the years. RexSpecs are recommended by me regularly. Whether it is for the German shepherd dog with pannus or a hunting dog that has sustained an injury in the field. I recommend them at puppy wellness visits if the owner is planning on hunting with their four-legged friend. I personally use them with my hunting dogs for preventing an injury. Great quality product. Highly recommended.

Tracy L.V.T.

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