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Dogs are rough on gear - there is just no way around it! For that reason, Rex Specs lenses are interchangeable and replaceable.   

There are a variety of different lens options. To see what lens is best for your dog and situation click HERE


  • Polycarbonate, UV 400 lens protect against 99-100% UVA/UVB sun rays
  • Rated ANSI Z87.1-2010 for impact resistance (size Large only) 
  • 5 tints available - Clear, Smoke, Silver Mirror, Red Mirror, & Blue Mirror
  • Replacement lenses are available individually or in packs of three


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Great goggles

My dog Wrangler loves riding on the Harley with these.

Much needed joy

So my lil dog is a rescue. She was really hurt and is horrified to have her face touched. So although she’s scared of them going on her face she lets me without the slightest fight.. just a sad face. Once on she’s excited and jumps about as she knows out doors fun is to come. So she likes them really just her extremely ingrained fear I’m going to hurt her to. Ohhhhh she’s albino with dodgy eye sight and the uv rays will finish blinding her. These are a life saver. They safe her sight and give her much joy. Something she never had! We love them

Too good to pass up.

These aren't just goggles that look cool and will make your dog the coolest, no these are durable, fully adjustable and do the job well. It took about a week of training, the slower the better, don't rush them on your dog. One bad experience could take alot of work to fix. My dog seems to not mind them, but it took some adjusting. The lens did scratch already and I've only had them three weeks, but they have lenses you can buy for pretty dang cheap. All in All I'm glad I bought these and not three other different pairs trying to find the right one.

Sam can go out in the sun agin!

Sam was diagnosed with optic neuritis!
And was completely blind for two weeks.
With the proper treatment sam regained
his eyesight. Do to his on going treatment
Sam can't be in the direct sunlight.
This is a game Changer.
Thanks Rex specs!

Absolute best on the market!

I bought several brands of sunglasses for my German Shepherd who developed pannus at two years old. But even after short training sessions to let him get used to them, Ruger could paw them all off while running out ahead on our 80 desert acres. He'd be off after a rabbit and come back with the goggles down around his neck or up above his eyes. Plus, many of the brands boasting of complete UV protection failed the UV detector test and turned out to have very little to no protection! When I bought a pair of Rex Specs, I tested both the smoke and clear lenses and was delighted to see they both give 100% UV protection! My boy could not immediately paw these off, which gave me time to work in short sessions throwing the ball for him while he wore them. Now he hikes, chases rabbits and balls, splashes through creeks, and hangs his head out the window on dirt roads, his eyes safe from the harsh Arizona sun!