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Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.

  • Rex Specs dog goggles come with 2 lenses - 1 Clear and a second lens of your choice. More information on our lenses - HERE
  • All lenses are rated UV400 - blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Strap system is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes 

X-Large Goggle Sizing

  • Muzzle Circumference: Greater than 11.5 inches (29 cm). Measure your dog’s muzzle where the goggle lands on the nose.
  • Head Circumference: Greater than 17.5 inches (44 cm). Measure the head circumference where the goggle rests on the forehead
  • Common Breeds: Great Dane, Dogo Argentino, Bernese Mountain Dog, GSD (large), Labs (large), Cane Corso, Great Pyrenees, Rottweiler, Malamute, Bull Terriers, Dobermans

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
They do the job!

Bought these to help protect his good eye as much as possible! Since he is a working dog and the Veterinarian told me not to take that away from him! I decided to buy him these and they fit and work really well. The only problem I really have with them is that the bottom of the lense pops out of the from while in use! Other than that they are great and doing the job as intended!

Great goggles

Ginger was diagnosed with Glaucoma 4 months ago. I purchased these goggles to protect her eyes from snow and wind. They fit great and she adapted to them quickly. She even seems to enjoy wearing them. Thanks for making a great product.

Preventing Pannus from coming back

Our vet diagnosed our GSD with pannus, which I our case was caused by UV rays and being outside quite a bit. We followed the instructions, first removing the lens so they wouldn’t get scratched. Kai used his paw to try and remove them, but after a week of putting them on and tweaking the fitting he settled down. We go for mile + walks almost everyday and he catches the early morning sun, now he doesn’t get the UV rays and is rewarded with treats. People have asked us if he is a military dog or in training, I explain and chuckle. We’re gonna do our guy good. Picture is Kai without the lens while getting use to them.


We are always on adventures with sand, dirt, extreme sun, wind, and/or water. I did a lot of training to introduce the goggles slowly and make sure she was comfortable! She’s a 1 year old Boxer/St. Bernard and now loves her Rex Specs! Bonus: she is the coolest kid on the beach 😎

Almost perfect!

We got these for my best friend (dog) because he’s 11 and his fur is while so when we take him outside it hurts his eyes because it’s so bright. I have noticed his eyes getting worse so I wanted to get a pair of these for him for a while. I like that they added a “how to” it” recommend” on how to get the dog adjusted to them, that helped a lot. The only thing that my dog really wasn’t okay with was the straps rubbing on the back of his ears, he has really sensitive skin and thin fur. But my boy friend cut two pieces of felt a attached them to the back, and it’s perfect now. Get these for sure, and measure before you order!!