Trailhead Collar

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The Trailhead leash is born out of a need for an extra set of hands and love for taking the whole family on adventures - dogs + kids + coffee + work call (ugh).... The parallel orientation of the leash attachment point eliminates the annoyance of chasing the collar around the dog’s neck as you try to leash them up. The leash attachment is counterbalanced by the tags and buckle to help keep the attachment point on the top of the neck at all times for easy access. The collar and leash attachment are a continuous loop of webbing which limits opportunity for weakness and provides security. 

Product Details:

  • Durable continuous loop leash attachment
  • High quality, lightweight buckle and tri-glide hardware
  • Available in 3 sizes

Trailhead Collar

Born out of a need for an extra set of hands and love for taking the whole family on adventures

Customer Reviews

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Mal (Charlottesville, US)
Don’t leave the little dogs behind!

Absolutely love this collar for my big dog. It’s so much easier to attach a leash. Secure and not bulky around her neck either. I only wish you represent the little pups too! My chihuahua rocks your goggles but you don’t make this collar small enough for him. This would have 5 stars if it didn’t leave out the little ones.

Virginia Crooks (Missoula, US)
Trailhead Collar

I was really wanting this collar, and loved the idea of an easy hook-up for the leash. Love the berry color on my black and white border collie! My only issue has been that the loop is a bit thick for my leash hook-up. It goes on, but I find myself double checking that the leash is completely hooked and closed onto the loop, which kind of deflects for the fast and easy part.

Tom Massaro (Evergreen, US)
Trailhead collar

Great collar. Would like to see one a tad smaller for my ECS

John (Huntsville, US)

5 stars since I can't give it a 4.5! The collar is mostly balanced, but would be even better if they swapped the buckle and tag ring locations. Might need to consider a size down for dogs with lots of excess skin around their necks. Initial measurements lead me to order a size 3 for my sweet girl (iirc she has like an 18" neck measurement). However, it was still a loose fit even tightened all the way down, which I attribute to her having a lot if extra skin around her neck. Even with the size 2 collar when she got hung up on a lead she was able to slip her collar which is exactly what I want. Customer service was absolutely phenomenal with helping me figure things out and working with me even though as of when I had my issue they did not have an exchange policy. The big loop that doesn't double for anything else is absolutely genius! Love the style and function of this collar.

Alyx Staton (Fort Scott, US)
Trailhead Collar

This collar is amazing! Putting on my dogs leash is so much easier now because I don’t have to dig through all her fluff to find the loop and I never have to worry about pinching her hair or it being in the way. This collar sticks up and always sits in the same spot so it makes clipping her leash in a rush so much easier!

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