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Rex Specs Goggles provide stable, secure eye protection for your dog. Rex Specs are used by professional working dogs deploying from helicopters, simple sunny day strollers, bird flushing hunting dogs and motorcycle riding pup alike. Wherever and whatever your adventure is, Rex Specs have your dog covered.

Product Details:

  • All lenses, including clear lenses, provide UVA/UVB protection, blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays
  • Impact resistant lenses are replaceable and interchangeable 
  • The dynamic strap system allows for a secure fit without hindering the dog's range of motion or performance
  • The singular spherical lens design optimizes the field of view and space within the frame for comfort during longer durations of wear
  • Vented frame drains quickly for use in water and provides ample air flow to limit fogging
  • The frame is flexible, durable and edged with foam for full protection from debris

All goggles come with 1 Clear & 1 Smoke Lens and microfiber storage bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1461 reviews
Remarkable product, and fabulous customer service

My GSD was recently diagnosed with Pannus (she's a shepherd mix) and the vet advised that she'd have to wear sunglasses when out in the sun to protect her eyes from UV rays that would make her condition worse. Left untreated, Pannus can lead to blindness. I compared RexSpecs against other doggie eyewear and it was an easy decision. RexSpecs blows the competition away. The unbreakable lenses and ventilation built into the frames ensure she's comfortable, and the goggle style preserves her peripheral vision.
The training videos you provide on your website are superb and allowed me to acclimate her to the goggles so that she's now excited to put on her specs. Fabulous all around, and so many neighbors have commented on how stylish she looks.

Samuel Bexon
Great Doggles !

Great product. Training videos are spot on and entertaining. Highly recommend.

Chuck (Meredith, US)
We love them

Rexspecs have saved my boys from countless injuries as they have very little self preservation instincts. They are well fitting and comfortable. They boys love to put them on and wear them while doing lots of activities. With the new color we now have many pairs!

R.T. (Cedar Rapids, US)

Although a bit pricey, they are everything that they should be. I have tried others. This pair the GSD actually doesn't mind wearing for long periods of time. Only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner

Brad Welch (Salem, US)
Superior Specs

Specs are superior in so many ways compared to other specs/doggles. Well made, great fit, easy to get extra or different lens, great online information. My pup’s acclimation to Specs was so easy compared to other brands; I think he really likes and is much more comfortable with the field of view in Specs compared to other types of doggles. All in all, very superior to every thing else out there (and I’ve tried several). I like having the different lenses to keep the eyes protected in our various types of outings. Of course they also look really cool. And having lived in Wyoming, it was of course nice to support a business in the Hole ;-)

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