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Rex Specs Ear Pro by Zeteo Tech was developed specifically to protect military working dogs from temporary and permanent hearing loss that can arise from noise exposure. Whether on a mission, at the range, on a motorcycle, or at an AC/DC concert — Rex Specs Ear Pro will protect your dog's ears and can limit your dog’s hearing damage over time.

See Rex Specs Ear Pro test Results HERE.
Learn more about hearing loss in dogs HERE.

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Alan Krugel (Kanab, US)
Really Helpful on Range

Starting off slow at the firing range when straining began with the Ear Pro has really helped Lliberty get acclimated to the weaponization of her training plateau. She has learned not be distracted and not flinch. Great product for an SBD K-9.

Charmaine Anilao (Camarillo, US)
Not Inclusive smh

Good concept but, not so good execution. There also needs to be more sizes. The 4 was so tight on my Labrador Retriever that he couldn't breathe properly despite his head circumference being within the size range. Perhaps having velcro to tighten or loosen the front and back would be nice? Not sure what could be done better.

Mattheus Tempel (Juneau, US)
Too small

Size 3 seems too snug. I have a yellow lab with a 17.5 inch head diameter and it seems to be too tight. Altho he does have a hard time hearing me with them on. He will be using these in Heli Ops for Avalanche rescue in Alaska so the actual time in them is pretty short.

Chad Dyer (Columbus, US)
Doesn’t work

I have a Shorkie aka short snout dog with floppy ears. These are a tough fit even using the sizing guide. I have the smallest option. They did nothing to soothe his anxiety from fireworks. I do
Love the goggles they make for cycling with my dog

Ricardo Cabrera (Toa Alta, PR)
Just Incredible

My three year old mix was able to survive new years eve thanks to this. Here in Puerto Rico fireworks are huge on new years. She suffers immensely and becomes totally unfunctional due to the intense explosions. With this on she actually slept during the hole thing. It was just incredible. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

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