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Rex Specs Ear Pro by Zeteo Tech was developed specifically to protect military working dogs from temporary and permanent hearing loss that can arise from noise exposure. Whether on a mission, at the range, on a motorcycle, or at an AC/DC concert — Rex Specs Ear Pro will protect your dog's ears and can limit your dog’s hearing damage over time.

See Rex Specs Ear Pro test Results HERE.
Learn more about hearing loss in dogs HERE.

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Neal Wall (Crestview, US)
Eat protection

The protection in large was way to tight had to get them altered by adding two inches

john veverka (Cantonment, US)

Been looking for a set of earmuffs that we knew would stay on Carters head without it sliding off due to his fur or having him paw it off.
However, it didn't take long for him to realize this was helping not hurting. They stayed put the entire time we were at the gun range.
Thinking of trying out the muffs on the 4th of July and New Years.
Thanks form both Carter and myself.
r/John Veverka

Clarence Bergen (Toronto, CA)

I was disappointed finding out that my purchase was sent to a purolayor pick up location requiring more payment to receive the product. If your going to ship to Canada you should be making people aware of the extra 22$ I had to pay when it gets here. For an already expensive priced i product the extra almost 20 % I would not have purchased .

Dakota (Arvada, US)
Perfect for my Firework shy dog!

This significantly decreased my dogs firework sensitivity!

E.E. (Potsdam, US)
Possibly cancel noise too well? And not too good for floppy ears…

My service dog freaked out when we attempted to try training with these. She’s not gear shy by any means. And also not afraid of loud noises. But I figured it couldn’t hurt to protect her ears especially since we had been planning To go to a concert last year and the4th was coming up. I got very sick and didn’t end up going.

But what freaked her out about these was that my visual commands had no auditory input. She is good with signed commands usually as I have nonverbal episodes but didn’t understand anything with the ear defenders on and when she saw things should be making noise she started rubbing her head on the ground and took it off herself.

It was also nearly impossible to get these on in a way that looked comfortable to my very long eared curly standard poodle. Her ears looked uncomfy and smooshed under there and Ik I hate when over ear headphones feel weird on my ears. I can’t blame her for wanting them off in less than 10 mins every time we tried them. All in all it was a waste of time and money.

I was really looking forward to them because I had heard great things about RexSpecs brand in general, and about the earpro.

But at least I have them as a nearly unused $85 paperweight that no one seems to want to buy even discounted…

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