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Rex Specs Ear Pro by Zeteo Tech was developed specifically to protect military working dogs from temporary and permanent hearing loss that can arise from noise exposure. Whether on a mission, at the range, on a motorcycle, or at an AC/DC concert — Rex Specs Ear Pro will protect your dog's ears and can limit your dog’s hearing damage over time.

See Rex Specs Ear Pro test Results HERE.
Learn more about hearing loss in dogs HERE.

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AJ Z-S (Davis, US)
They work wonders

I took my service dog to a theater where it’s really loud and the ear pro allowed for a more calm and comfortable experience for both of us!

Diane Israel (Boca Raton, US)
Ear Pro

Having trouble with Loki getting to try these on let alone wearing them. However I will not give up on him. I have followed the video using a cup and so one. I think strapped type headphones would be much easier to do.

Jason Miller (Kansas City, US)

Works great but they could stay on his head alot betr. They slide forward and backwards

Marlon Padilla (Dallas, US)
My Labretard could not keep her paws off it.

I purchased this item for my 12 year old, 90 pound golden lab. She has become very sensitive to loud noises and the 4th of July is just a nightmare. The unit fit her just fine, a little snug. She just could not get used to it no matter what we tried. I will be sending it back, I am not expecting a refund because it was a chance I was willing to take. She didn't tolerate the ear plugs either so we are just going to have to listen to her howl.

Aayla (Oakland, US)
Fireworks noise reduction

My urban neighborhood has fireworks daily. These help my dog hear only about 50% of them and reduce her fearfulness, which in turn reduces my stress. The smallest size is a bit big for her Jack Russell type head, so I have to readjust each time she shakes and they go sideways. I'd buy these again, since this is the best option by far.

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