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Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.

  • Rex Specs dog goggles come with 2 lenses - 1 Clear and a second lens of your choice. More information on our lenses - HERE
  • All lenses are rated UV400 - blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Strap system is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes

Large Goggle Sizing

  • Muzzle Circumference: Between 9-11.5 inches (22-29 cm). Measure your dog’s muzzle where the goggle lands on the nose.
  • Head Circumference: Between 14-17.5 inches (35-44 cm). Measure the head circumference where the goggle rests on the forehead
  • Common Breeds: Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, GSD, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Pointers, Labs, Mutts, Staffordshire terriers, Heelers, retrievers, Dobermans, Greyhound

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Customer Reviews

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The specs have saved my dog's eyesight. He wears them all day only trying to take them off if he gets them dirty. I just wash them and put them back on . They last forever. He still wearing his first pair after over a year.

Worth The Price

My dog runs in forests, fields, brush and thickets on a daily basis. This can result in his eyes being poked by branches, limbs etc. which ends up causing him discomfort and too many trips to the vet. I tried some of the double lens goggles in the $20-$40 range and found they were too hard to fit to both eyes and contour of the dog's head and they inhibited peripheral vision. They might work if you want to protect your dog's eyes while they hang their head out the window or take a neighborhood walk but they were not going to cut it for more rigorous activity. What I wanted was a single lens goggle with a wide field of vision with a clear lens and it turned out Rex Specs was the only one I could find. The price was expensive but I thought they were worth a try.  

The single lens does not impede vision at any angle and the straps allow plenty of flexibility to get the right fit. I bought the large size goggles for a 60 pound retriever. The lenses do get scratched up but that's kind of the point. Each vet trip was costing over $100 and putting my dog out of action for a week. Each scratch on the goggles is a scratch prevented from damaging my dog's eyes. Lens replacements are not that expensive but the alternative is more vet trips or goggles that don't really fit what my dog needs. My dog did not like these at first and would lay down and refuse to move when they were put on. But after three days he was out walking on leash with them. After five days he was turned loose and now runs normally as he did before wearing them. The fit is very good as he is rolling, running, shaking and the goggles stay in place. The lenses and housing are very flexible which helps with the fit. Last, the customer service was very nice. They answered questions by phone and email quickly and were very helpful. So you get what you pay for. These are worth it for the protection and fit they provide my dog.

Extremely Disappointed

I bought this product for my hunting dog after realizing that he had tons of stuff in his eyes after each hunt. The training went well and he tollerated the goggles great. The positives are that the frames are awesome. Unfortunately the lenses scratch very easily. My dog hunted 1 field (we usually do 5-8 a day) and the lenses are ruined . I couldn't even see through them. I get that replacement lenses are relatively cheap but I can not afford 5-8 a day. I'm sure these goggles are great for hiking with your dog but deffinetly not a upland bird hunting dog.

Our lenses are made of polycarbonate plastic. This material is softer, but is impact resistant, offers UV protection, and is flexile enough to allow lens changes. This is the best material to protect a dog's eyes. Despite all of its advantages, polycarbonate is not scratch resistant. Dog eyes are built differently than ours, and they are unable to focus well on anything within 20' of their face. Scratched lenses don't affect dog's in the same way that scratched sunglasses would affect you or me. We recommend that our customers get the most possible use out of each lens. While dogs may not actively use their eyes while hunting, eye injuries can take your dog out for an entire season, or even ruin their hunting career. We like to think that each scratch on each lens is one less potential eye injury for your companion. We are continuing to look into different options, but for now we do our best to keep our lens replacements as low cost as possible.
Good fit, but not scratch proof

Purchased a set for my hunting dog. THey fit nicely and look nice, but they sratch easily. These are dogs and especially in hunting terrain they will be going in heavy, thick cover. Not sure how long these will hold up. At $80 I'm a little upset... I would expect higher quality scratch resistant material.

Hi, Our goggles are designed with a polycarbonate lens that is both UV Protective and impact resistant. This is a softer plastic but provides the necessary protection dogs on the go need. Having said that, dogs see a bit differently than you or I. They can't focus well within 18' of their face and have 20/40 or even 20/60 vision. Because of this, they don't notice the scratches as much as we would on a pair of sunglasses. We continue to look into different materials but in the meantime we encourage all our customers to get the most out of each lens and have kept the lenses as low cost as possible in order to make them easy to replace. Feel free to give us a call at 307-203-0308 - we're always happy to help!
Best Dog Purchase

We live out in the country and we are very active outside, I was hesitant to buy these for my dog because of the price (Which considering the quality and the fact that in a long run they are cheaper than a vet bill was a silly thing to think). However my Australian Cattle dog does not hesitate at running into the thick of things and so when she came back from a long fetch with a bloody eye I went straight to the house and ordered a pair. Things hit her in the face all the time while running around and these give me peace of mind when she goes tearing through the brush, plus they look super cool. Also, customer service is very important to me and when I emailed a question in about choosing a size I was answered within the hour with a personal and helpful reply as if I asked a friend for advice! Highly recommend.