Small Wide Goggle

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The Small Wide Goggle is designed to fit dogs with a short nose and wide, flat face like a French Bulldog or Pug. Dog's that fit this goggle still need a nose about 1" in length. If you have any questions if your dog should be in this goggle size/shape please contact customer support via chat or email

Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.

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Stephen Poole (Sacramento, US)
One of the best purchases I’ve ever made for my dog!!!!

Unfortunately my dogs still learning to love them as much as I do, at the moment at least, but he’s coming around. As soon as he realizes the benefits, I’m sure that like with his shoes he’ll excited run around bursting with energy every time I put them on him. Figuring out how to adjust the fit right takes a minute or two, so be sure to spend some time/focus to make sure your dogs comfortable and you’ve got them adjusted just right. Too loose is basically as bad as too tight (imagine if someone snapped incorrectly fitting snowboard goggles on your head how you’d feel about it), and you obviously don’t want them tight enough too hurt or even make opening their mouth difficult.
My only complaint, which isn’t Rex Specs fault really, is I had to buy the small-wides for my dogs weird sized head, and I didn’t realize they were an older model version, not the new v2s. Again it’s my fault, I was too excited to find a great looking product that was exactly what I’d been wanted (without having to wade through hundreds of fake reviews on Amazon for crappy products not worth the 2 cents they paid the poor slaves to make them) and didn’t spend enough time looking around here. Now that I know better I’d definitely recommend to anyone considering the small-wides to at least look and see if a set of small goggles with a strap extender might work for them instead, as I’ll be purchasing soon. The V2s have some nice upgrades, it’s not just the look, and I’m sure my dog will be more comfortable and can see more and just overall have a better experience with them, which probably would have helped him acclimate to them quicker. Don’t get me wrong tho, the small-wife’s are still a great purchase if that’s the route you choose to go. personally I like to keep a second set of (typically slightly cheaper) backup gear for all my dogs stuff, in case of a suddenly failure of a leash or something we can keep his normal routine going til a replacement can be shipped, so I would have purchased a second pair for him eventually either way. Very happy with my purchase, even tho in less than a month when his v2’s will arrive these’ll end up in the back of a closet, and with the quality of the goggles I doubt I’ll ever end up actually needing the backups (I could easily see the goggles lasting multiple dogs lifetimes). And the lens being replaceable is just icing on the cake, Rex specs could have easily not done that, just to juice sales and require you to purchase multiple sets depending on your use case, but they’re didn’t and that’s just part of how you know your dealing with a quality company when you shop here. I’ve bothered the company reps with several annoying questions and follow ups and they’re always friendly and helpful (which seems rarer and rarer these days, especially when it’s commonplace now that when you need customer service to end up in AI hell dealing with an unhelpful robot clearly programmed to annoy you in to giving up)
Rex specs has earned themselves a lifelong customer, and with the crazy amounts I tend to spend on my dogs that’s certainly a good investment on their part, just like the goggles would be a good investment on any dog owners part.

Stéphanie (Terrebonne, CA)
Very good dog goggle!

The quality and adjustments are amazing!

Brady Whitman (Seattle, US)
Small wide

Perfect fit for my 25lbs French Bulldog.


Love everything about them!

Amayon (Schenectady, US)
Doesnt fit at all

the nose curve makes it ride up in her eyes where if it was flatter it would fit fine. the cheap goggles i got on amazon for like $8 fit perfectly. go figure

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