Goggles for Dogs - V2

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Rex Specs Goggles provide stable, secure eye protection for your dog. Rex Specs are used by professional working dogs deploying from helicopters, simple sunny day strollers, bird flushing hunting dogs and motorcycle riding pup alike. Wherever and whatever your adventure is, Rex Specs have your dog covered. 

Product Details: 

  • Lenses are replaceable and interchangeable. All lens, including the clear lenses, provide UVA/UVB protection, blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays
  • Impact resistant lenses
  • The dynamic strap system allows for a secure fit without hindering the dogs range of motion or performance. 
  • The singular spherical lens design optimizes the field of view and space within the frame for comfort during longer durations of wear. 
  • Vented frame drains quickly for use in water and provide ample air flow to limit fogging
  • The frame is flexible, durable and edged with foam for full protection from debris.

All goggles come with 1 Clear & 1 Smoke Lens and microfiber storage bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1041 reviews
Shari L. Harting (Dayton, US)
Worked great

These googles seem to keep the dust out of our dog's eyes. They also didn't fog up. She doesn't even mind wearing them. She loves to GO everywhere we go.

Brit (Santa Rosa, US)
Well built, takes time to train

Overall I really like the product and appreciate that the specs came with a clear lens, and a UV (sunglasses) lens. They're easy to adjust and it's overall a straightforward product to use. We've used other eye protection in the past, so I had high hopes that it wouldn't take my dog long to adjust to these, but they evidently feel very different for her so it's taken longer than I'd hoped.

Lelanya Z (Rayne, US)
Great Specs !

I have bought 6 pairs of sun glasses for my very large dog. This will bethe last pari i ever buy. They are terrific!

Amber Mycyk (Hampton, US)
Color and protection!

My dogs and I love the goggles. We use them for everything under the sun. From kayaking to motorcycle rides. I have lense skins on mine, I love to see how many people smile or get a laugh from the big old googly eyes. I don't think I would trust another brand as much as I trust rex specs when it comes to protecting my best friends eyes. Huge plus that we can color coordinate the goggles to our bike!

Alma F (Columbus, US)
Great Hiking Goggles

We trained our dog on these a week before going on a road trip and wasn’t sure if he’d keep them on. He LOVED them! He didn’t try to take them off. I think he realized it helped while hiking in Utah, it kept the low brushes from scratching his eyes. It also kept the sun at bay with only a low percentage lens so he could still see well. It was a perfect fit and so many people gave us compliments!

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