Lens Wraps

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These perforated vinyl wraps add a pop of personality while still allowing them to see clearly and safely in any environment. With a variety of rotating styles available, you can switch up your pup's look to match every mood. Whether you're exploring new trails or just strutting around town, these lens wraps are bound to turn heads wherever you go.


  • Compatible with all sizes of V2 goggles
  • Available in a variety of fun and rotating styles
  • A perforated design provides maximum visibility

Product details:

  • Material: Perforated vinyl sticker
  • Includes 2 vinyl wraps and 1 smoke lens
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions on how to apply the lens wrap


All 5 sizes for V2 goggles

Why You’ll Love It

Fun design

The variety of designs adds a touch of fun to your dog's look, making them the center of attention everywhere you go together.

Easy-to-see-through design

Made from perforated vinyl, these wraps add a touch of fun that still allows your dog to easily see through due to their poor short-range vision.


Made from quality vinyl, these wraps are designed to withstand the wear and tear of your dog's adventures. The vinyl sticker protects the lens from scratches, extending their lifespan.

Easy application

The wraps come with clear instructions, making the application process simple and hassle-free.

Compatibility with V2 goggles

These stickers are designed specifically for Rex Specs V2 goggles, ensuring a perfect fit.

How to Install Lens Wraps

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
B.V. (Nicholson, US)
Saved his face

We bought a pair of Rexspecs for Samson, our 100lbs Bernadoodle because he loves to hang his head out of the truck and I'd been concerned he'd catch a bug or rock in his eye. I never thought we'd need them for a different reason.

99% of the time he rides in my wife's car or my F150 where he sits lower hanging out the window. However, one day he was in our F250 enjoying the wind in his face when a car passed that he decided he needed to bark at. With the lower windows in the back seat of the truck he ended up falling out of the truck at +/-35mph. The only injures he sustained thanks to his Rexspecs was some broken nails, a skinned up chin and a cut on his hind leg. Based on the scratches on his lenses, he would have lost an eye at worst or needed stitches at best. Instead his face/head was just fine.

Oscar the Sunroofwoof (Overland Park, US)
Great Dane Good Time

These googly eye lens wraps are hilarious! As if we needed to draw any more attention to our Rexspecs wearing Dane that rides with his head out of the sunroof, but it’s fun to make people laugh!

Carol L. (Prosper, US)
Rex Specs

I purchase these goggles, to protect our English field cocker, Annie's eyes from the stickers, brush and whatever else her eyes were being subject to on our Upland bird hunts. After one 1/2 day of Upland bird hunting, my husband was sold on this product, and doesn't care if the other dogs or handlers snicker at Annie wearing these goggles. The number of deep scratches, on the lens, was shocking. I will be promoting your amazing product to all the Upland Bird lodges that we are hunting at this year and previous years.

Your instructional video was very informative. I did take out the lens and let Annie get use to wearing the frame and retrieving with the frame on. After a couple of weeks I, inserted the lens, and got Annie use to retrieving the bumpers wearing her sporting goggles.

Thank you again for this amazing product,
Carol L

@gsd_brothers (Meredith, US)
So much fun!

The wraps are so much fun to add some character to the goggles. We have several different wraps and love them. Also easy to apply with some practice


Best adddutuin to my doggos goggles

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