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Rex Specs Ear Pro by Zeteo Tech was developed specifically to protect military working dogs from temporary and permanent hearing loss that can arise from noise exposure. Whether on a mission, at the range, on a motorcycle, or at an AC/DC concert — Rex Specs Ear Pro will protect your dog's ears and can limit your dog’s hearing damage over time.

See Rex Specs Ear Pro test Results HERE.
Learn more about hearing loss in dogs HERE.

Customer Reviews

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Tracey Grikavicius (Bakersfield, US)
Game changer

I bought the Ear Pro for my older dog, she is deathly afraid of fireworks. She will have high anxiety and will even claw me to death as if she’s trying to get inside my body to hide.

I had hoped these would work as others I’ve purchased were plain crappy.
I followed your instructions on getting her use to it by putting a treat inside it and letting her stick her nose in to find it.
What a game changer! She knew the fireworks were going off but her well-being was a complete turn around. She just stayed close to me and did not dig her claws into me.

I’m super happy and Bella is super relieved from the fireworks.
Just an epic product!!!

Cindy Connally (Tacoma, US)

The ear pro definitely helped with our dog’s noise aversion. Izzy exhibited less fear using the ear pro and her medication than with the medication alone. It was our least stressful 4th of July in a long time!

Kendall (Fresno, US)
Surprisingly easy for my dog to get used to.

Surprised to find the dog had little to adjust to. The fit is tight and a little restrictive, ears needed to be folded up into the Ear Pro.
Hoping that it's durable as the Ear Pro will be used for Motorcycle Sidecar duty.

Chuck (Simpsonville, US)

Looked good for quality of the item. Fit was good but couldn't get his floppy ears fit in the earpro. He is very anxious to start with and these made him even more anxious and also he seemed to lose his equilibrium. I elected to not try and force this issue. I think they are of good quality and would work on most dogs

Tiffany H (Antioch, US)
Great idea, but uncomfortable for my tree-trunk neck pittie

My rescue pit bull has a large neck, so even though I got the extra large, I could tell it was still tight around his neck and he was uncomfortable. Enough try rolling around to slide it off of his head. Couldn't figure it out with enough time to get him used to it before July 4th. I'll try again for the next big bang night.

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