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Rex Specs V2 is the latest version of our best-selling dog goggle. Over the years we’ve tested, lived with, and beat the crap out of the original Rex Specs goggle. The V2 embodies all that we have learned. The updates boast improved fit, greater stability, increased field of view, lower profile design, better range of motion, and fresh style. The Rex Specs V2 Goggles are ready to keep your dog protected no matter where the adventure takes you.

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Product Includes

Each goggle comes with one clear lens, one smoke lens and a microfiber logo storage bag with extra lens pocket. The Limited Edition Gold comes with one clear lens and one limited edition gold lens.

Customer Reviews

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Kami E (San Antonio, US)
Naive/Closed-minded People

I have a pit bull breed. People can’t get enough of him in his goggles. I can’t tell how many photos are out there of him with his sunglasses random people took. I put the clear on when it’s raining or snowing. If it’s sunny, he’s wearing the sunglasses. I’ve had some people question, saying it’s ridiculous, that I’d have my dog wear them. I simply tell them to go ride a motorcycle with no eye covering and let me know how the bugs feel hitting their face. Or I’d ask, why are you wearing sunglasses and my pit bull can’t? Their eyes are no different than ours. It’s hilarious they don’t ask me why am I wearing sunglasses. They only ask about my dog’s. Hmmmm… naive/closed-minded much?!?!?

Robin Davis (Sewell, US)
Dog’s Acceptance Has Been A Challenge

Our greyhound was recently diagnosed with pannus and the vet ophthalmologist said that Rex Specs might be a good idea to protect her eyes from outdoor UV light. The Rex Specs are obviously very well made. I have viewed the training videos and our dog has been progressing with tiny baby steps. After a few weeks we have not yet reached the point of wearing the goggles with the lenses in place nor will she walk on a leash without trying to unseat the goggles by rubbing her face against her leg, my leg or anything else in reach. So for now we’ll just continue with the baby steps and celebrate each tiny milestone towards acceptance.

Pat Rathbun (Manor, US)
Does the jon

Our dog developed cysts on his eyelids. Wearing a cone did not allow him to properly eat or use our dog door. It took some effort to adjust the goggles to his face, since he has a broad head and only medium-size nose, Your staff was very helpful in this regard. At first, the dog was not comfortable with them on and easily knocked them off, But them we would feed him with the goggles on and then engage him with some more snacks. He now tolerates the goggles, but we haven't had to use them a lot because the eyes healed up. However, we have them on hand now in case more eye issues flare up.

Bailey Jackson (Opelika, US)
Simply the best k9 goggle on the market

These are the best fitting most secure goggle on the market and it’s evident by my dog’s reaction to them. Get them acquainted with the goggle first. Then, move to putting them on with food reward. Last, put them on and work the dog or put them through an activity they enjoy. They don’t even notice they are on. Superior protection and fit! Period! Job well done Rexspecs!

Theresa Figari (Houston, US)

V2 Goggle

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