Dog Dads of Rex Specs

June 06, 2022 Written by: Willie Vernon

There are dads. And then there are DOG DADS.

In an ode to Dog Dads everywhere, we caught up with two of Rex Spec's favorite humans to get their take on the best gear for protecting their furry companions while out adventuring.

Dog Dad: Jesse

If there's a Top Dog, then Jesse is Top Dog Dad. Jesse is co-founder of Rex Specs and proud human caregiver to the two dogs who started it all - Yaz and Tuckerman. Yaz, who has since passed over to the land where dog treats are unlimited and belly scratches never end, was a white Alaskan Husky whose eyes would burn in the harsh, high-altitude sun of Jackson, WY. Her brother-from-another-mother, Tuckerman, was diagnosed with Pannus -- a progressive, inflammatory disease of the cornea. Jesse and his wife/partner in crime, Aiden, didn't let that deter them from adventuring with their dogs -- instead, they put their heads together and came up with Rex Specs.

Yaz Wearing Yazberry Goggles for Dogs

Q&A with Jesse:

Q: So since you're as OG Rex Specs as it possibly gets, what's your favorite gear Rex Specs has made and why?

A: I like the Yazberry with Clear Lenses. Yaz - the dog these goggles were 'made for' didn't love wearing Rex Specs at first. She preferred the clear lenses and never really got used to the tinted versions. Her need was UV protection to keep her pink eyelids from getting sunburned when outside all day at 6,000 - 7,000ft elevation. The clear lenses are great - they provide UV400 protection and show less scratches than the mirrored options - so they can be used a bit longer. We weren't really trying to look cool or anything, just trying to keep her from getting sunburned. Also - how can you not love the Yazberry? The name is great, and the color was perfect for her all white fur!

Q: Agreed. It's impossible to not love Yaz in her bright pink Yazberry goggles. We dare anyone to try. Any other must-haves in your dog adventure kit?

A: I also really love the Cat Crap for not only the Rex Specs, but I use it on all my own sunglasses and ski goggles.

Dog Dad: Steve

Steve has been around Rex Specs long enough that we're pretty sure he might actually have been adopted by Jesse and Aiden. Maybe not. But maybe so. Either way, Steve was one of Rex Spec's very first employees, and as such he knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to dogtastic days. Steve's dogs, Yogi and Echo, have been featured in many a Rex Specs photoshoot and, let's be honest, tend to steal the show.

Steve with His Dog Echo

Q&A with Steve:

Q: So Steve. You're a single dad raising two beautiful dogs. They seem happy, healthy, and well-groomed. What's your secret?

A: I like to submit my dogs to hefty doses of public humiliation on their Instagram page to keep them humble.

Q: Excellent dog parenting advice. So when you're out on these do-it-for-the-'gram photoshoots getting content to humiliate your dogs, what gear do you like to deck them out in?

A: Bandit Orange Goggles with Red Mirror replacement lenses - our favorite color combo in the Rex Specs V2 line up! It's a traditional color with a bit of flash. It really fits Yogi's "hunting" heritage (even though he has zero retrieving instincts) and makes Echo look like a blur on the trails. Everyone we pass loves that rainbow effect of the lens and it stands out against their fur. The lens is also perfect for sunny days on the trails.

Q: Fashion and function. The sign of a true IG model. What about something for the daily life when you're not hurtling down the singletrack?

A: Ear Pro - As much of a tough guy as Yogi pretends to be, he's a big wimp when it comes to loud noises, especially fireworks. We live in a town that has them constantly only about a mile away from the house. The "boom factor" really makes him nervous. Since we've started to use the Ear Pro shortly before they start, he has been much more relaxed and curls up on his comfy chair instead of running to the nearest person and shaking. A real game changer at our house for these events. It lets me enjoy the fireworks without worrying about Yogi's anxiety from them.

Thanks to Jesse and Steve for interrupting their busy days of looking at adorable dog pictures and playing fetch to answer these hard-hitting questions.

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