October 28, 2015 Written by: Aiden Doane

Over the past month we have received glowing reviews from our happy Rex Specs customers. Protecting dogs’ eyes used to be frustrating and fruitless – but from what we are hearing from our customers this is changing. They love their Rex Specs and are having success protecting their dogs eye from whatever harms they were facing. Here are few reviews from the vault.


“This is a picture of my partner, Bane, moments before his first helicopter flight and hoist training. After only a couple days of pre-familiarization, Bane wore his goggles without complaint and they have stayed securely in place throughout every evolution of training.
Thank you for making such a high quality and important piece of gear.” ~ Detective Alvarez


“Dash has had his Rex Specs K9 goggles for just over a week now and we both love them. I believe I had mentioned earlier that Dash was diagnosed with Glaucoma in May of this year. In June he had laser surgery in an attempt to save his right eye and reduce the pressure. The surgery was initially successful in reducing the pressure, but the vision in his right eye was lost. Wanting to protect Dash’s remaining eye from possible injury due to his “bull in a china shop” attitude, not caring what or who gets in his way, I tried some of the other brand of goggles on the market, but they could not keep up to his activity level. Then I came across Rex Specs K9. I was initially concerned about the fit, but ordered a pair, and they fit Dash perfectly right out of the box. He does not mind wearing them, in fact when I bring them out he puts his head right into them. They increase his field of vision, compared to others, he does not try to get them off and they will not come off! The Rex Specs K9 eye protection are a marvelous product and perfect for the active canine like my Dash.” ~ K. Larden 


(We weren’t sure they would fit this little one but she was so eager to get back to what she loves that her Person gave it a shot. Success!!!)

“So here is Pinot (18lbs) in her Rex Specs. She wears them very well. She moused for about half an hour with them on.
A smaller size would be wonderful but these are better than nothing! She has been wearing these every day to hunt for mice.
She likes them! Never paws at them, nothing! They do get dirt in them because they aren’t quite tight enough, but she doesn’t mind wearing them at all.
They are definitely the right solution for her…. These are a lifesaver!!!!” ~ C. Bailey

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