2018 Changes to Size Small (Wide)

A few changes to announce in the new year!
Firstly, the name of the size Small goggle has changed to "Small Wide." This might be a little confusing but it will all make sense once we launch ALL of the new sizes! More on that to come.... So, 2017 size Small goggle is now called the Small-Wide in 2018.
Next up, let's talk about ventilation foam. The ventilation foam is the covering around the venting of the goggle. This allows for air flow inside the goggle while still protecting against dust and debris. We've seriously upgraded the ventilation foam for 2018 to a more durable mesh laminated. No more easy tears and holes - your pup can rip through the bushes with no fear. 
This next change solves many of the fit issues with small pups. We made the foam that runs around the edge of the goggle and cushions on the face lower profile. We call this the edging foam. In 2017, the edging foam was nearly 10 mm and composed of three different materials laminated together (high density NBR, soft open cell foam, and fleece). In 2018, we removed the soft open cell foam, leaving only the high density NBR foam and fleece. This cut the thickness down to 5mm. The soft open cell foam on the 2017 model was not as durable or long lasting as the NBR. We found that it tended to break down and tear. Removing it has made the product much more durable. Also, the lower profile edging provides more room around the lower eyes of the small dogs. This will be much more comfortable for dogs such as Boston Terrier, French Bulldogs, and Shih Tzus.
If you've got any questions about the difference between these two models, feel free to get in touch with us (info@rexspecs.com). We're always happy to help with sizing, fitting or training tips. 
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  • My one Boston has had 3 ulcers in her one eye this past year. I need to buy eye protection for her. She has almost no nose and weighs 12 lbs. suggestions for sizing? The small wide may be too large

    Gena Thompson
  • I bought Rex Specs for my Boston Terrier, Bogart, because he had an ulcer on his eye. The Rex Specs That I bought were great for covering his eyes, but the strap rested on the his mouth and he could easily take them off. Will this new model address these concerns?

    Vera J Fuhs
  • I’m disappointed that you didn’t take the opportunity in this upgrade to offer a third strap to the top middle of the goggles running between the ears to the collar (at the very least as an add on), my Bostie has corneal edema and I bought your goggles to help protect her eyes, but her snout is so short that just one strong swipe of her paw and it’s in front of her face. If I tightened the straps too much the goggle lenses actually touched her eyes, I called you guys and explained the issue I was having to someone in depth and had genuine hopes that you might address this shortcoming in the design for this breed. Every dog is different but I’d be surprised that any dog would just instantly take to having some foreign object placed on their face, perhaps I can ultimately train her to leave it alone but I had real hopes you would make it possible to secure it more like a Horse bridle is secured, from multiple points. I guess it’s up to me to modify the one I bought from you earlier and hope for the best.

    William B. Winburn

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measure your dog in two steps

  1. muzzle circumference

    Measure the circumference of your dog's muzzle where you expect the goggle to land on their nose - usually around the back of their mouth.

  2. head circumference

    Measure the head circumference where you expect the goggle to land on the forehead - typically an inch or so behind the eyes.

Watch Sizing Video
Goggle Size Head Circumference Muzzle Circumference
X-Small Less than 10.5 in Less than 6 in SHOP X-Small
Small 10.5 in - 12 in 6 in - 8 in SHOP Small
Medium 12 in - 14 in 8 in - 9in SHOP Medium
Large 14 in - 17.5 in 9 in - 11.5 in SHOP Large
X-Large Greater than 17.5 in Greater than 11.5 in SHOP X-Large
Small Wide* 12 in - 15 in 6 in - 9 in SHOP Small Wide

*Designed for dogs with a wide, flat face i.e. Boston Terriers
If your dog is between sizes, select the larger size: This will insure the most functional fit and optimal field of view.


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