Rex Specs Testimonials


Let me begin with a huge thank you! Thank you for providing such a radical product! I had been looking for something to protect Camp’s eyes for a while now, and haven’t been pleased with previous products. They really cut down on his field of vision, and aren’t as flexible comfort-wise or durable as I’d like. But then I found you, Rex Specs!

From the 65 mph winds in my open jeep, dust and debris on mountain bike rides, UV protection on the river, or pollen as he hunts critters through the bush on our daily walks, I can now rest assured that my buddy’s eyes are protected and not uncomfortable. Not only do they serve the intended purpose masterfully, they look awesome, too! So thanks, you’ve made two best pals extremely happy.

~ A. Hammer


“Reagan sported his tinted Rex Specs during some tracking training this past weekend. The tinting really helped “R Dog” on a hot, bright, sunny Southern California day.”

“Here’s a real testament as to why you want Rex Specs as opposed another product. We couldn’t get Reagan to leave the other product alone, let alone fall asleep wearing them. These are the best eye protection has to offer for your fur baby. I tried UNSUCCESSFULLY FOR YEARS to get Reagan to wear the other K9 eye protection, and could not get him to stop fighting them. This was mostly because they kept slipping into his eyes. In just under a week, Reagan was happily wearing his Rex Specs. They are well worth the investment.”

~D. Austin


"Dash was diagnosed with Glaucoma in May of this year (2015).  In June he had laser surgery in an attempt to save his right eye and reduce the pressure.  The surgery was initially successful in reducing the pressure, but the vision in his right eye was lost.  Wanting to protect Dash’s remaining eye from possible injury due to his “bull in a china shop” attitude, not caring what or who gets in his way, I tried some of the other brand of goggles on the market, but they could not keep up to his activity level.  Then I came across Rex Specs K9.  I was initially concerned about the fit, but ordered a pair, and they fit Dash perfectly right out of the box.  He does not mind wearing them, in fact when I bring them out he puts his head right into them.  They increase his field of vision, compared to others, he does not try to get them off and they will not come off! The Rex Specs K9 eye protection are a marvelous product and perfect for the active canine like my Dash."

~ K. Larden

G. Lewush

"I wish I had gotten these sooner but was skeptical about them fitting my Boxer, Buzz. Only when the straps were streched and the foam falling apart on his other eye wear did I decide to give Rex Specs a try. Upon receiving them, I didn't think they would last a month on my dog... Boy was I wrong! 6 months later, they still fit him well, stay in place, look good and are more durable than I thought! Not only are they a good product, customer support is outstanding! They are prompt in returning emails, and if you have to speak to someone, you get a person who is genuinely concerned about your needs! One thing I would like to see is a smaller pair for my other dog and possibly different styles. ... ok, that's 2 things... We use these primarily when my dogs are in the sidecar, there is no windshield, I love the protection these give... for both debris and UV light. So, if anyone reading this is thinking about getting a pair of Rex Specs, go for it! You'll be glad you did!"


~ G. Lewush


“My Jaspa with his Rex specs k9 on. We are so happy with these finger crossed they slow down the Pannus. Very easy to get him to wear them I only had to keep him busy with his tennis ball and after a while he forgot they were on”

~ Anna Davidon


“Just got our pair, my boy took to them immediately:) I think he knows that he looks like a ‘cool dude’ now lol”

~ Joleen Marcotte


“Our Johan showing off his Rex Specs K9. This pair is five months old, worn every day for at least four hours a day (on bright days we switch him to a pair with tinted lens). I clean the lenses daily and rinse the frames once a week (at dusk so they have time to dry before he has to wear them in the morning). As you can see they are in great shape and so are his eyes. He hasn't had a single bout of inflammation since we received the first pair of Rex Specs nine months ago”

~ Cheryl Brown


“Just got our doggles from Rex Specs K9 for our dog Baylor that was just diagnosed with Plasmoma. We had them on him within minutes of getting them with no fight. He gets to go outside and play again, so he's a happy dog. Great product, thank you Rex Specs K9!”

~ Charlie Carpenter


“FIVE out of five STARS! … I can't explain my excitement for Rex Specs! In the past 3 years I have seen my girl Fala's eyesight get worse. Just after 3 days, I see the benefits of Rex Specs in my working dog. I have put them on her for IPO protection training and Dock Diving practice. I highly recommend Rex Specs for any dog that has Pannus!! Easy to put on and I think she knows they are on to help.”


"My fiancé, bought these goggles without even mentioning it to me. I was surprised when he opened the package and tried them on our dog (an 8 year old German Shepherd named Koby) needless to say I was apprehensive. The more he wore them, the more they grew on me. He seems to love them! He doesn’t squint when putting his head out the window, or when he is chasing his toys. I love that I don’t have to worry about the health of his eyes with these. He is my baby and anything that will help him live longer without health issues, I support completely! We get so many comments at the dog park and tell everyone about your product. Thank you for making such an amazing product! "

~ Jenn



“I want to highly recommend the Rex Specs K9 and its people. I got Garrus a pair of specs for his eyes when he sticks his head out the window and for other outdoor actives. I really love how it fits on his face (I had to buy the strap extender since he has a big head) and around his eyes. They don't set or put pressure on his eyes or the sockets either - unlike other goggles you can buy. We have tried a few different type of "doggles" and this is by far worth ever penny and I'm looking forward to when the blue mirror lens come back in stock! Unfortunately they do not at this time sell specs for smaller dogs but they are working on making a set for smaller breeds. This size of Rex Specs goggles designed to fit dogs between 30-100 lbs. but they fit Garrus with the strap extender and he weighs 130lbs, without extender it can't snap around his head.”

~ Sara Gifford


“Daily practices - ❂ Be the disc. I'm pretty convinced that the Rex Specs help Zero see better in certain kinds of light. He's totally blind in his left eye and is down to at best 8% vision in his right eye. He was missing a high percentage of my throws and then I had him wear his Rex Specs with the new lenses and he was catching them even when running directly into sunlight. And they fit so well he had no problem catching the disc even with them on his face”

~ @leagueoftheunsane


“Soooo lately I've had a major issue with Anna's eyes always crusting over and filled with dirt balls. This of course is after riding all day. She follows so close when blasting down the mountain, she eats dust all day. I've always had my eye on @rexspecsk9 goggles for dogs, but couldn't find anyone local who had them until now! @blackdogjourney is the go to guy for goggles!! After reading the "training instructions" of leaving the clear lenses out in order for your dog to get used to wearing them, Anna literally had zero issues with them on her face. We just went for a bike ride around town with the blue mirror lenses and she loved every minute of it. I think she's ready to tear up the mountain again”

~ @tanner_tucker17


“Thank you. My dog took something serious to the face on an area search (during training) last night. Without his goggles I'm pretty sure he would've sustained a serious injury. He hit so hard you can see that the lens popped almost all the way out. Thanks for such a good product!”

~ @stormjaden on Instagram


“I absolutely cannot recommend these highly enough! I purchased them for my blind GSD/Husky mix boy who recently developed an eye infection that was likely due to having run into something. They are very lightweight and fit far better than I ever thought a 'one size fits most' item would! My boy is about 60 lbs, and I tried them on my 35 lb female too. While being a bit big for her frame they fit surprisingly well! I'm considering getting her a pair in the future since she's always darting through the brush when hiking. I really like that they leave an unobstructed field of view unlike doggles, this seems to be a big part of why they are so easily accepted and they really don't pinch or prevent any range of jaw motion at all. So far every claim made by the brand has been spot on! I can't wait for my boy to get used to them so I can move on to the blue mirrored lens!”

CB, Amazon Review


“So, I don't make my dog wear sunglasses as a fashion statement. He has an eye disease, pannus (AKA chronic superficial keratitis), which can cause blindness. He must avoid UV light in order to keep the disease under control. But he loves long walks! First we tried Doggles. They are super cute! But they restrict his field of vision, and they tend to fog up, due to the tiny ventilation holes. He's a good boy and tried to cooperate, but he had to stop walking several times in an hour for a break, to rub his eyes and air out the Doggles. So much happier with Rex Specs! Yes, they are more expensive, but they are so much more comfortable for my dog. They are lighter, have a larger field of vision, and they are ventilated all around the frame. My dog can wear them comfortably for an hour-long walk. Being a Type A person, I got a UV flashlight and tested Doggles blue and smoke lenses, and Rex Specs clear and smoke lenses. All passed the test, meaning that they all do screen out most UV light. Rex Specs are not perfect. They are supposed to fit dogs 30-100 pounds. My dog weighs 90 pounds, and does not have an especially large head for a German Shepherd male, but the regular strap was too tight for him. He needed the strap extender. I wish they included the strap extender, or made the strap longer. I wish the under chin straps were elasticized. The lenses also scratch pretty easily, although not as easily as Doggles lenses. Plan on buying new lenses occasionally. The clear lenses are nice for dark days. The rainbow lenses are kinda cute. Overall, these are an excellent product. Sporty rather than cute, but they get the job done!”

~ Susan, Amazon Review

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