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At Rex Specs, we believe in an adventurous life shared with our dogs. Our mission is to eliminate the obstacles that prevent dogs from sharing in every epic adventure by equipping them with gear that guarantees their safety, comfort, and performance.

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Our affiliates are a part of the Rex Specs family and share in our mission to provide the best gear to keep our dogs safe and active. Join our pack as an affiliate and share what you love – epic adventures, training, and all you do together. And the benefits are nothing to bark at.

What are the benefits

What Are The Benefits?

How Does It Work

How Does It Work?

What's Next

What's Next?

Jesse & Aiden

Born in the Jackson Hole wilderness, Rex Specs was founded by Aiden and Jesse Emilo when they realized their dogs, Yaz and Tuckerman, suffered from eye problems due to their high-altitude lifestyle. Driven by the need to protect their dogs instead of leaving them behind, the duo began modifying old ski goggles to protect their dogs from the elements. After years of developing prototypes with scissors and super glue, Rex Specs was officially launched in 2015.

Dog with goggles running in snow

Today, we create protective and performance gear for the active and working dog. Whether hunting, exploring new trails, or on the job, our products offer the confidence and protection needed to perform in any condition. Whatever your adventure, Rex Specs is here to ensure your dog is prepared, protected, and always ready.

What Are The Benefits?


10% Referral Commission: Receive 10% of the order value for every sale you refer.


Insider access: Stay ahead of the game with early bird updates on new products and exciting promos.


Personalized support: We're here to help you crush it. You'll have access to marketing materials, training resources, and a dedicated support team.

How Does It Work?

As an affiliate, you can spread the word about our products using trackable, unique referral links. You'll receive a commission of 10% off each order you refer using your link.

What's Next?

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