The Golden League of Superdogs: Legend of the Golden Goggles

March 15, 2022 Written by: Ken reig

The Golden League of Superdogs was founded 14,000 years ago, during the initial domestication of dogs. Those first domesticated dogs possessed superpowers inherited from their wolf ancestors and each dog knew that they’d need to protect their humans, both out of kindness towards their two-legged friends and as a way to preserve their coveted supply of treats. As domesticated canines spread worldwide, so did the Golden League of Superdogs. While they prefer to wag under the radar, you’ll recognize the names of many heroes of the Golden League throughout history, including Balto, who led the 1925 Serum Run to stop a deadly Diphtheria outbreak in Alaska; Soter, who in 456 B.C. alerted residents of Corinth, Greece of an impending attack by Persians; and Barry the St. Bernard, who saved more than 40 people in the mountains of Switzerland between 1800 and 1812.

Today, the Golden League of Superdogs continues its mission to protect and enhance the lives of humans through the use of each canine’s superpowers. You can see their work everywhere from the high seas to the high deserts, and from hospitals to living rooms, each Superdog equipped with the League’s official Gold Goggles.

While some dogs seem to have lost their superpowers over the centuries, all dogs do, in fact, hold the potential for super abilities. The modern Golden League of Superdogs consists of a vast group of canines with special talents for improving the lives of humans, and they are always in search of new recruits. Some Golden League members save lives while others simply make us smile. Some, like Yaz (the founding dog of Rex Specs and a real Alaskan sled dog), could run for days out of pure joy, and others can cure broken hearts with a much-needed snuggle. As a matter of fact, Superdogs are so common that we’re guessing you likely have one in your life right now, quietly serving the mission of the Golden League. Could your dog be the next member of the Golden League of Superdogs? Tell us about your dog’s superpowers in the comments, or on Instagram or Facebook.

Among the millions of Superdogs worldwide, these are some of those closest to our hearts:

Professor Taz X

Taz a.k.a. “Professor Taz X”

Every Superdog alliance needs a member who uses their mind instead of their physical abilities. The Golden League has just such a dog with Professor Taz X who can read any human’s mind and tell exactly what they need at any given moment. Whether it’s relaying important information to other Golden League members, or simply delivering a hug to a human who needs it, Professor Taz X’s telepathy (which he inherited from his father) makes him a big presence in the world of Superdogs.

Taz, as he’s known to his humans, was recently recognized by the Golden League when he saved the life of a child. While at a backyard BBQ, Taz sensed that a youngster was getting too close to the pool and was likely too young to know how to swim. He used his telepathy to assess that she wanted to touch the water, and that in doing so, she would likely fall in. He turned to her parents and picked up that they were unaware of her location and he sprang into action, grabbing onto the child’s dress and pulling her away from the pool to safety.
Small but mighty, Taz’s powers and demeanor have earned him a permanent place at Golden League HQ.


Oakley a.k.a. “Water Rescue”

Some say that Newfoundland Dogs were born in the water, but Water Rescue (who goes by Oakley in her normal life) lives on land and protects humans from the dangers of water. Having inherited her talents from her ancestors, Water Rescue has taken her skills worldwide, jumping into the sea on both sides of the Atlantic, from both US and Italian Coast Guard boats. She has further established her position in the Golden League of Superdogs as one of only two dogs in North America to train with and be certified by the Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs. Deploying from ships, paddleboards, or jetskis, Water Rescue makes the seas are safe for humans, thanks to her control over the ocean.

But not all water can be protected, even by the mightiest Superdogs. The Golden League of Superdogs has issued a warning for all humans to be extra careful in and around swimming pools, as jumping into pools is Water Rescue’s only weakness.

This summer, you can find Water Rescue patrolling the beaches and lakes throughout the Northeastern US, from Maine to Pennsylvania. Or, you may spot her under her disguise as a therapy dog, working with children at schools and libraries.



With a name like Marvel, this Super Collie doesn’t need an alter-ego. Like many dogs, Marvel’s superpowers were formed from the love shown through adoption. Marvel and her human, Sara, first joined forces in San Francisco and from there, Sara helped Marvel further develop her superpowers by introducing her to dog sports and tricks.

Marvel caught the attention of the Golden League of Superdogs when she saved her human and dog friends from an intruder with nefarious intent in a dark parking lot. Like any good Superdog, she used her superbark and superlunge to turn the intruder away without any use of violence.

However, Marvel would rather use her powers for a more friendly purpose. Her true supertalent is enriching the lives of humans all over the world through her love of entertainment. With her bag of tricks and superspeed exhibited in dog sports, this loveable canine took her talents to the big leagues, joining her pack in finishing in 5th place in the 12th season of America’s Got Talent.

Though she runs with her immediate pack, you won’t find Marvel hanging around the Golden League HQ, as she tries to keep her distance from other dogs. Four-legged fans should save autograph requests for other Superdogs.


Cali a.k.a. “Calbatraoz”

Evildoers beware! With a single gremlin call, Calbatraoz can rally her superfriends, while maxing out their superstoke! Ever watchful, Calbatraoz is a best friend to all, constantly looking out for those in need of help, including her humans. Recently, Calbatraoz was recognized by the Golden League for saving her human who was trying to cross the street when a driver failed to stop at the stop sign. Calbatraoz sensed the danger, barked, and pulled her human to safety before the car could hit them.

Like many in the Golden League, Calbatraoz is adopted, and that act of love, along with continuous encouragement, helped Cali (as she’s known to her humans) develop and refine her superpowers. In addition to her gremlin bark and safety awareness, Calbataoz has developed healing powers and will cuddle her humans to health when they are sick.

Calbatraoz is not invincible, however. Her superpowers are easily thwarted by the presence of a good stick, which will inevitably distract her.

Hurricane Echo

Echo a.k.a “Hurricane Echo”

Chaos has a name and it’s Hurricane Echo. Fortunately for the citizens of this planet and her immediate family, Echo’s chaos has been contained and she has learned to use it for good. Born during Hurricane Joaquin, she was gifted lightning speed and an ultrasonic wolf howl from the power and sound of the hurricane’s winds.

Her howl is so powerful, in fact, that it is rumored she once used it to lift an overturned tractor-trailer off of three crushed cars, saving the lives of ten humans. The only witnesses to the heroic act were those trapped in their vehicles and their rescuer sped off so quickly, they barely got a glimpse of her. Still, the witnesses claim there could only be one howl in the world so powerful and it must have been Echo’s. Her legendary status among the Golden League was bolstered even more by one of those rescued: Olympic champion Usain Bolt, who, upon seeing Echo’s lightning speed in action, was inspired to not just run fast, but actually run faster.

What could possibly thwart the power and sound of a hurricane? Unfortunately, Echo has two weaknesses: closed trash cans that she cannot inspect and the 9-to-5 workday which keeps her humans’ focus away from her.



One of the most unique origin stories of all of the Golden League comes from their President of Human Happiness, Waffles. As a puppy, she was bitten by an evil, rabid rabbit, who was jealous of Waffles’s long, floppy ears. And in a Spiderman-esque incident, Waffles’s superpower of spreading smiles and happiness, was suddenly realized during her recovery.

At first, Waffles hid her superpower, but one day she decided to share them with her father. When her father realized how much the world needed a Superdog like Waffles, he encouraged her to share her talent with everyone she met. And the rest is history!

Today, you can find Waffles brightening the days of humans from her neighborhood to Instagram. No matter how sad a human is, Waffles can fill them with happiness with a simple glance, eyebrow raise, or snuggle. There seems to be no way to thwart her powers. In fact, evildoers once thought they could defeat her by using her weakness for biscuits to distract or overpower her. But upon seeing her enjoy the delicious treats, humans all around smiled and were filled with joy, further empowering Waffles.

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