Rex Specs Teams up for Care Packages to Military K-9 Teams

December 01, 2020 Written by: Erica Aarons

As a small business, giving back is what often makes us smile at the end of a long day. With so many incredible people and organizations out there, choosing how to give back in the most effective way can sometimes be the toughest part of our jobs. But when we came across the Military Working Dog Team Support Association (MWDTSA), we knew we’d found a long term partner. Since 2006, MWDTSA has been sending care packages to dogs and their handlers who are deployed for active military duty. As a 100% volunteer organization, MWDTSA puts more than 98% of all donations, grants and other fundraising directly into their care packages (the other 1.7% pays admin/bank/government fees). Every year here at Rex Specs, we run a promotion offering our dog goggles at a price of $45 for anyone to purchase on behalf of MWDTSA.

With a volunteer team of about 40 people scattered across more than 20 states, MWDTSA has sent more than 4,200 care packages in the past ten years, impacting close to 11,000 handlers and K-9s. 


One of our favorite parts about working with MWDTSA, is learning about the work the K-9s who receive these packages do. Meet some of the working K-9s who are able to use Rex Specs protective gear thanks to your donations:


 MWD Aruba - Air Force

"Rex Specs came in super clutch while deployed! Staying in such a sandy environment is difficult for anyone, but it is especially hard on the dogs because they’re so low to the ground and have sensitive eyes. Anytime the wind would pick up, my Rex Specs were the first piece of gear that I would get out! They also work great for any air ops, which helps us get in more advanced training. Overall Rex Specs are a must have for any dog, both deployed and stateside."

MWD Aruba wearing Rex Specs Dog Goggles

MWD Ayda - Army

"Rex Specs allow Ayda to still be able to see what’s going on and receive commands from me in adverse weather conditions to include high wind (such as fast roping), during helicopter training and in many other scenarios. They don’t deter her from working and they protect her eyes from any sand or debris that may harm her."

MWD Beta - Air Force

"I use Rex Specs to help protect my dogs eyes against the blowing sand while deployed. It can get windy and sometimes there are sand storms, so this is an added layer of protection that he needs to keep his eyes safe. I also use them if we have to search an area with a lot of debris to prevent any injuries from happening."

MWD Kevin - Air Force

"Rex Specs help MWD Kevin perform his duties while protecting his eyes from UV rays and debris. The adjustable straps and quick transition between lenses make it user friendly and they are a perfect fit for any dog."

MWD Sherra - Army

"Rex Specs helped tremendously when conducting helo training. They protect his eyes from all of the sand and rocks that would kick up, and the tinted lenses protected his eyes from the harsh sun and UV rays."

MWD VViper - Air Force

"Being in the desert and working in the hot sun, I want to protect VViper’s eyes not only from the harsh sun, but also against blowing sand. If I’m wearing a hat and sunglasses to protect me, it only makes sense that my dog needs to be protected from the elements as well. I chose the polarized lenses to guard against the elements. Plus, they make him look even cooler!"


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