New Colors for 2019 Have Arrived!

April 09, 2019 Written by: Aiden Doane
The brothers: Teddy, Jake & Louie of the @thewoodlandpups
Spring is showing it's colors and so are we! We are excited to announce the new colors for 2019.
Named after @apollothedobegod we bring you the all new Apollo Blue. Not as bright and slightly muted than our previous Cobalt Blue our Apollo Blue is perfect for boys and girls dogs alike.
This might be our new favorite. It's classic, strong, and just a bit modern. Inspired by our working dog roots, we're really excited to introduce the Army Green goggles. 
We've had several requests to bring green back into our line up and your wish is our command. Echo Green is named after Rex Specs' very own Director of Customer Experience, Steve's dog Echo.
For all the lady pups, we've brought back pink but not quite as bright as our previous Neon Pink. The Pippa Pink is named after road biking warrior, @pippaofpiedmont.


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