Gift Guide: Rex Specs Dog Wish List

November 21, 2018 Written by: Aiden Doane

The Rex Specs team is an adventurous bunch—and we don't just mean our employees. Our dogs have not only been our inspiration for our products, but inspire us daily to get outside and enjoy the beautiful mountain town we live in. Based in the Tetons, we’re avid trail runners, bikers, fishermen, skiers and sunny strollers—with our dogs often taking the lead in such adventures.

This holiday season we've put together a list of our favorite dog gear and items on our wish list. We hope this helps fill your doggies stocking to the brim this holiday season.

Tuckered out Tuck using Yaz as a pillow while we wait for ride at the bottom of Teton Pass. Their Ruffwear Flat Out Leash is clipped to my ski pack so I can easily carry my skis and keep hold of the pups around the road. But these two are too tired to be pulling on their lead!

Tuckerman & Yaz

Aiden, Co-Founder

When November arrives, I can’t say I’m totally ready for the frosty windshields, snow covered yard, and 4:30 pm sunsets… but I do look forward to those after dark dog walks. There is something special about crunching across the snow covered field with the dogs running circles around me, so happy to be outside no matter how cold and dark it is. I’d have to say my favorite gear for these evening adventures are our HaloLights collars. They are super bright, easy to slip on over our dog’s head, and quick to recharge. I’ve got a German Shepherd who is never hard to find, he sticks (too) close. But, my husky has a spirit of her own! There have been countless times when she’s gotten a wild hair and taken off into the night. On those nights, the glowing purple aura of her HaloLights collar has been a comforting reassurance.


The other piece of gear that I don’t leave home without is my Ruffwear Flat Out leash. It’s super basic but has some great features that make it stand out. First, it has a loop at the clip end for a quick shortline. This is useful because sometimes, unfortunately, my German Shepherd needs to be held on a heal. The other feature that I find really useful is that the handle has a buckle so I can easily clip the leash around my waist when it’s not being used or I want to cruise, hands free. When it comes to gear, I’m a firm believer that simple is better.

Yogi & Echo

Steve, Director of Customer Experience

We love our Rex Specs! We couldn’t be as adventurous without them. Whether it be skiing, biking, SUPing, hiking or an afternoon at the outside bar Yogi and Echo are rockin’ their specs! The protection from the sun and debris as they run through the brush is invaluable. They don’t mind the attention they get while wearing them either. Belly rubs are always welcome.

In addition to our Rex Specs, we couldn’t do all we do without Musher’s Secret either. This all natural paw protection provides a barrier against snow build up, heat and other irritants. In order to keep Yogi and Echo’s paws healthy we apply it weekly and before big trips. We even have an “emergency” container stashed in the car for impromptu hikes after work.


Monica, Director of Marketing

Lox, our loving 1 year old golden retriever who just got home from 6-weeks at upland bird hunting school. As a doggie teenager we are still working with her to engrain the skills she learned while at school. She has a serious drive to flush birds but can certainly test her boundaries and doesn’t always listen well. We recently got her a SportDog SportHunter 1225 e-collar and love it! Lox knows that the collar means it’s time to do something fun and has learned so much from it. It comes with an amazing training manual that has helped us utilize the product to it’s best abilities and the collar/remote are super simple to operate!

Lox has the Qalo silicone Dog ID tag on her wish list this year. Her current tags (ID tag, rabies shot tag, microchip tag as seen in the above photo) are all metal and make a ton of noise. Lox knows that her tags annoy her parents and she hopes she gets a silicone tag for Christmas so they let her sleep in their room more often. She is super excited to try out the silicone tags and see if they solve the obnoxious tag issue.


Jesse, Co-founder

Remington Collar
Love the bright orange collar to keep all white Yaz visible in the winter. Plus – hunting is a big thing where we live and I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake her for a wolf or a coyote.

Mason Lead
Given to me by a professional working dog trainer – this 6ft leather lead kicks ass. It’s my go to on any given day. I love the simple design. Both ends have snaps/clips and the floating ring in the middle allows the leash to be used in several ways. This clip/ring system allows either end to have a ‘handle’ – and also makes it super easy to hook the dog to a tree, sign post, or anything when necessary. Also, it’s great to leash two dogs when needed. I think this lead will last me forever. Really nice leather, all brass buckles – all around quality product. Do yourself a favor and get one – you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Rex Specs team!

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