Dogs That Hike - Thanks for the Review!

January 09, 2017 Written by: Aiden Doane

Dog That Hike just did a great review on the Rex Specs Original Dog Goggles. Dogs That Hike started as an Instagram account and has grown into a community. On their website, they highlight their adventures with dogs in some of the most beautiful places as well as provide tips and gear reviews to help others get out and explore! 

Their review does a great job explaining the unexpected need to protect our dogs eyes. "Many people don’t realize the abuse our dogs eyes can go through on all our wild adventures, often undergoing exposure to extended periods of sun & UV rays, dust/debris, stray sticks and thorns in the bush, high winds and bugs during car rides… and the list could go on."

Rex Specs were tested on River, a 1.5 year old husky shepherd mix because she's been getting eye infections in the winter from burying her head deep in the snow. Dogs That Hike took the necessary time to train River to wear Rex Specs and do an excellent job outlining their steps, challenges, and success. 

This review is filled with great tips and very well written. Check it out here!

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