A Little Help from our Friends

February 25, 2017 Written by: Aiden Doane


Last month we had the pleasure of representing the Wyoming SBDC (Small Business Development Center) at their national conference in Washington D.C. It was a huge honor and we're grateful for the opportunity. 

The SBDC provides assistance to small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the country. Their resources are vast - everything from small grants to financial advising. The more we work with this organization the more we realize we could utilize these resources even more. Many small businesses don't realize that these resources are available to them but these centers are in every state and they are exist solely to help you turn your idea or current business into a successful company.

Here are some photos from the Washington D.C. event. Many thanks for the opportunity to represent our state and company to all the big shots on capital hill!

We were joined by Air Force K9 Handlers Monica and Ben Rodriguez. Their demonstration of the product was awesome. All round great to get to know these two professionals. 

Thanks for the opportunity - we're a proud product of the Wyoming SBDC!

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