You know Your Dog's a STAR

December 08, 2015 Written by: Aiden Doane

Since Rex Specs launched in March 2015, we received fantastic images and videos from our customers. From beach dogs to police dogs, the pictures and videos have helps us to clearly show the quality and functionality of our product. To all of those that have shared - thank you!

As we head into 2016, Rex Specs is gearing to spread the word about our awesome canine eye protection. We are seeking high resolution video and photos for our upcoming marketing material. Show us what you do with your dogs with their Rex Specs. We want to see that awesome, the radical, the silly, and the crazy things your dog does with their Rex Specs. 

Send your videos and images to and be sure include your dog's name, breed, and any social media profiles you would like us to tag if you use your content. 

We look forward to making your dog a Rex Specs STAR!

Thank you!

Aiden & Jesse

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