December 25, 2014 Written by: Aiden Doane

Aiden and I decided to take Christmas Eve off of work. Phew, we made it.  For some reason we woke up and felt bored.  I wasn’t supposed to downhill ski due to a knee injury – so we were at a loss for what to do. Then, I got an early Christmas present.  Aiden went out to one of the work/storage trailers we have and grabbed a pair of cross-country touring skis she had gotten me for Christmas.  I was intrigued, and interested, but not sold on the amount of fun I’d have on these skinny exercise sticks.  Aiden has always been a cross-country skier, and was always talking about how much the dogs loved it!  Plus, the older they get, the less we bring them out backcountry skiing.  They still come when conditions permit, but they stay home on the long tours, and when the snow is too deep.  Cross-country skiing in perfect for them, not too fast, good footing, oh boy! I had seen Tuck get ready to XC ski before, and this morning he reminded me how intense he can get. We bring sled dog harnesses with us incase we feel like hooking them up for a pull.  Yaz was born a sled dog but was never trained to pull, she just likes to cruise along side other dogs or people.  Tuckerman LOVES to pull.  I don’t know why – he just does. However, he only has one speed – FULL BLAST.  He’s good for about 10 or 15 minutes before he’s back to trotting along side us. Just a few days ago we were sent our first samples of Rex Specs.  Although the frame and lens are just about perfect, there is some work that needs to be done on the straps before they’re up to our standards. We were excited to see how they worked compared to our hand made prototypes.  Overall, we were happy with them.  No complaints. The dogs liked them too.  I’m not sure if the dogs could tell much of a difference between the handmade prototypes and these, but we sure could.  These are going to be much more durable, reliable, and sturdy.

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