June 25, 2015 Written by: Aiden Doane

We did an interview with GrindTV this week. First time I’ve ever been interviewed, there is room for improvement but I think I got some good points across! Skeptics often ask that why do dogs need eye protection when they have survived all this time without them. Truth is we humans survived for quite sometime without eye protection as well. Rex Specs won’t try to tell everyone that all dogs should wear Rex Specs – those that need them clearly see the benefits

UV related conditions like Pannus are a real issue for dogs later in life, working dogs are invaluable partners whose sense of sight cannot be risked, and hunting dogs suffer eye trauma from brush and grasses – for those that need Rex Specs the reason for them is clear. It’s like any new product, we often don’t know we need it until we see it in action – 10 years ago, I certainly didn’t think I needed to be able to check email from a handheld device instantly from anywhere…!

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