August 09, 2015 Written by: Aiden Doane

If you have ever been to OR (Outdoor Retailer trade show), you will understand what I mean by it being whirlwind-time warp-marathon. As OR novices, were knowingly were unprepared for the experience! Only having time for one day out of town, we left Jackson at 4 am, hit the show in Salt Lake City by 10:30, and made it back to Jackson by midnight – phew!

This was the first time we have actively presented Rex Specs to the outdoor industry and we were pleased by the response. Most people understood the need for eye protection for dogs and seemed interested in trying them on their own dogs. Nearly 80% of all dogs have some sort of eye issue by the time their are eight years old. Many of these issue can either be prevent by protecting the dogs eyes early on or made make living with the conditions less painful. The outdoor industry is filled with dog lovers – many of who take their dogs with them on all sorts of extreme adventures. These are the folks like us that we initially design Rex Specs for, we look forward to seeing if we can gain some traction in this community.

Needless to say, Yaz and Tuck were great models and very popular. They must have sat for nearly 500 photos, no joke! Anytime we stopped for a moment a crowd of 5-10 folks would gather for photos. This was exactly the goal, so we will see what happens!

Tuck was beyond tired by the end of the show – what a trooper!

Just posing for yet another photo at Outdoor Retailer 2015…. Rex Specs dog goggles were a huge hit!

Yaz getting a breath of fresh air and the 2015 Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City.

Yaz took a little break to test out some of the gear at the show. This must have been a comfy travel bed because it was tough to get her back on her feet!

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