Weather Channel: Petty Officer Jordan Brosowsky and K-9 Ricky - USCG

April 15, 2016 Written by: Aiden Doane

The Weather Channel aired and interview with Petty Officer Jordan Brosowsky and K-9 Ricky earlier this morning. Brosowsky explained how Rex Specs eye protection keep their working K-9s safe and focused on the job. 

The U.S. Coast Guard working dogs use a few pieces of important equipment. First, the load bearing harness is custom made for each dog. The harness insures their safety during hoist lifts and helps the handler to assist the dog when they need it. U.S. Coast Guard dogs also wear Mutt Muffs to protect their ears from the load noise of the aircraft. The Rex Specs dog goggles are worn to protect the dog's eye from all the debris that is stirred up by the helicopter rotor wash. 

Brosowsky and Ricky are based out of San Francisco and train in challenging weather conditions so that the dogs are prepared for the unexpected. Brosowsky said that "K-9's are the go to [explosive detection] tool on the market." They can quickly sweep an area for explosives. Using a machine for the same task would take hours. The K-9s are very versatile. They're able to deploy anywhere in the world and are extremely accurate. 

Petty Officer Jordan Brosowsky and K-9 Ricky - thank you for your service!

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