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Night Out for the Dogs - August 25th, 2017

Who: Oxnard Police Department
When: August 25th, 2017 / 6-10 pm
Where: Spanish Hills County Club

We’ve partnered up with the Oxnard Police in California for their “Night Out for the Dogs” event coming up on Friday, August 25th, 2017. This is going to be an incredible night benefitting working K-9’s, so whether you’re in the area and can attend in person or are willing to donate to help keep their dogs safe, it’s well worth it. We’ve sent them some Rex Specs goggles that will be part of their live auction, but there will also be comedian Craig Shoemaker and live music from Wes Quave Live, so it’s a great opportunity to get out and enjoy delicious food and great entertainment for a good cause. What exactly are you supporting? 

According to Officer Moses Martinez, the city of Oxnard needs six K-9 units to have 24/7 coverage, and right now they only have three. “The K-9 unit was started back in 1980 by community members who saw a big need for police protection and narcotics detection,” says Martinez, who is one of three current handlers. The community members formed a nonprofit, which has since purchased every K-9, covers medical expenses for current and retired K-9’s and covers equipment and training for the K-9 unit. To this day, the K-9 foundation is entirely self-sufficient and doesn’t rely on the city for any funding.

As you might imagine, in order to cover all of those costs, a lot of money is required. The goal of the August event is to raise enough money in one night for the foundation to purchase a fourth K-9, which will cost about $10,000. Martinez and his unit are hoping to get 250 people to attend, with a secondary goal of getting the city to recognize the importance of a K-9 unit’s presence in Oxnard.

Martinez’s dog, Leo, is a 3-year-old Belgian malinois who’s original name was Rex. A private donor provided the cash needed to purchase Rex, and in gratitude Martinez and his unit renamed him after the donor. K-9 Leo, along with the other two Oxnard K-9’s, Koa and Jax, will all be at the event in August.

Tickets can be purchased at the Oxnard Police K-9 website, but if you can’t attend in person, consider making a donation online to help keep the K-9’s protected with the equipment and medical care they need to stay happy and healthy.

It’s part of our core mission here at Rex Specs to help support and raise awareness about working K-9’s. In many cases, the critical equipment they need to do their job safely is missing from the budget. We donate goggles, make donations and promote events like this one to hopefully make a small difference one K-9 at a time.