Adjusting the straps to fit your dog is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY! Proper fit and adjustment will keep the goggle in place and most comfortable for your dog. Adjusting the straps PERFECTLY the first time is unlikely - it will probably take a few tries before you have everything adjusted for the most secure, comfortable, functional fit.

  1. Make sure the elastic portion of the strap (1) is snug under the dog's chin. It should not be stretched when your dog has it's mouth closed, nor should it be loose. It should be under just a tiny bit of tension. When your dog opens its mouth, the elastic will stretch. When properly adjusted, the goggles should stay in place and your dog should have full range of motion of their jaw. To adjust this portion of the strap, move the tri-glide plastic buckle under the chin either closer to the elastic (tighter) or further away from the elastic (looser).
  2. Carry the ends of the straps (2) up and behind the dogs ears and buckle.
  3. SIDE STRAPS (3) are key! Adjustments to the side straps can make a big difference how Rex Specs fit and perform. Adjust the side straps to create a small angle in the main strap. This will hold the goggles tight to the dog's forehead and keep the goggles from shifting on the dog's face. Re-adjust the main strap accordingly as side-strap adjustments effect the main strap length.