Fitting & Training


A proper fit is important! Fit your Rex Specs first.

  • A correct fit will keep the goggles in place and be most comfortable for your pet.
  • Make sure the snout/elastic section of the strap is not too tight or loose, but snug.
  • The dog should have full range of motion in their mouth/jaw.
  • Keep the side straps tight enough to create a slight obtuse angle in the main strap. 

Training Tips


Buying a pair of goggles is an investment in your dog's health and training time. It may take a little work before your dog wears Rex Specs like a pro.

We have noticed that well-trained dogs and working dog breeds seem to accept this 'job' a little easier than some other breeds. We've had instant success with some first-time-wearers, while others fight it. However, with a little training, any dog can wear Rex Specs like a pro!

  1. Remove the Lens: Try the goggles without the lens a few times before introducing the lens. This allows the dog to get used to the frame on their face before making them look through the lens. Transition from no lens to the clear lens.
  2. Timing: Have your dog wear the goggles in a comfortable place; around the house while they are tired, sleeping or eating. If your dog is leash trained, introduce the goggles while they are on the leash when their attempts to remove the goggles can be quickly corrected.
  3. Positive Association: Positive reinforcement - make it fun! Put them on for short periods of time before breakfast, dinner, treats, or their favorite activities. Our dogs love trail runs, so we’d put them on before a run. They also love the raw elk bones we get from our local butcher. Hence, we'd put the goggles on and give them a bone. When the Rex Specs come out, they have learned that something good is going to happen.
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