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Rex Specs dog goggles are protective eyewear for the active dog. They are stable and secure while still allowing for full jaw motion and field of view. Rex Specs protect your dogs eyes from debris, environmental hazards, and sun.

  • Rex Specs dog goggles come with 2 lenses - 1 Clear and a second lens of your choice. More information on our lenses - HERE
  • All lenses are rated UV400 - blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays
  • Strap system is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes 

Medium Goggle Sizing

  • Muzzle Circumference: Between 8-9 inches (20-22 cm). Measure your dog’s muzzle where the goggle lands on the nose.
  • Head Circumference: Between 12-14 inches (30-35 cm). Measure the head circumference where the goggle rests on the forehead
  • Common Breeds: Australian Shepherds, Mini Australian shepherds, Setters, Brittany Spaniels, Spaniel mixes, Heelers, Greyhound, Whippet, Springer spaniels

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Customer Reviews

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I originally found Rex Specs because my toy poodle is aging and as a result, has retinal degeneration. When he goes out into the light, he flinches horribly, his pupils don't react fast enough and too much light comes in. This is a horrifying thing to watch, needless to say, so I started researching eye wear for dogs. Obviously Rex Specs are top of the price list compared to others. If you buy equipment for your dogs, for adventures, exercise or work, you already know as a pet parent that price is going to be reasonably higher for something to perform properly. I have been wearing sunglasses since high school and never stopped to think about protecting my dogs eyes. I'm elated to find Rex Specs. So, I purchased a pair not only for my aging pooch but my other two as well.

Pros: I am an Oakley user for decades and lenses are made of same material poly carbonate. Oakley refines the PC to their proprietary lens, but base material is the same

PC lens filters out 99.9% of UV rays which cause the oxidative damage to the eyes, wearing Rex Specs will help keep current eye condition from progressing

The frame is flexible enough to bend, adjust for lens change and major movements from your pooch, so they are extremely resistant to breaking or scratching

Adjustable straps for proper fit

Have already used them in water, dirt, wind, sun and rain, googles stayed on the entire time, only tip I suggest is rinsing them off and keeping the lens as clean as possible before each use

Cons: lens scratch easily, BUT they are impact resistant (don't break easily at all) and filter almost 100% of UV rays, this material is what is best for it's current function, thus ordering replacement lenses has been facilitated with a very affordable price

Googles in general are a bit pricey at an average price of 79.95. Although you may want to ask yourself how much you spend on your sunglasses and what your dog's vision is worth to you to protect